The Makeup Edition

The story always starts out I just went in for one thing…then I ended up with all these (holds up a giant bag) #oops

I thought it would be fun to do a a little mini haul on the blog. I know eveyone does them on their IG Stories but quite frankly I cringe having to talk on Stories. Snaps for those of you who can can but I can’t stand to hear my own voice & I feel like a total goober when I try and talk to the camera. haha. I figured I could share everything here and you can scroll through & browse. Over the past month or two I’ve been picking up products from Ulta & Target that I’ve been wanting to try so I figured with the amount of goodies I’ve accumulated I could share a mini haul of new to me products. Besides the Benefit mascara (it used to be my ride or die so let’s see if I still love it) everything I picked up is going to completely new to me! I’ve been going through a little phase of trying to switch up my everyday makeup faves. I usually end up regretting switching it up but every now and then I’ll fund something that’s amazing and I’m glad I tried it. I love when brands have mini’s of their products so I don’t have to spend a ton to try something. I’m super excited to try everything, a lot of what I got where things that seem to be cult faves for people. -xo

Scroll through below to see what’s new to me!

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