wait, mermaids aren’t real

Is anyone really a grown up?  As a child we in a sense idolize are parents and grandparents and think that all elders can fix just about any problem our tiny mouths could throw at them.  Even the older kids on the playground when we were in grade school, the…

my fall bucket list

Are y’all excited it’s October?! I know I sure as heck am! The weather couldn’t be more perfect right now to welcome in the new month, now sure as I sit here and type this Mother Nature is already plotting her next heat way next week but whatever, I’m enjoying it…

short sleeve sweater

I’ve been slightly obsessed with the button up the middle denim skirts, very 70’s chic, my only issue with them is that fact that it’s a denim skirt.  Denim skirts just don’t look right on me, I don’t know what it is about them but I just can’t pull them…