oversized and layered

The only way to describe this look is oversized layers. I’ve recently ventured my way into the world of high heels…seriously y’all I’ve never been a fan mainly because I’m not the most graceful person in the world but now that I’m here I’m kind of obsessed.  I love being able…

the perfect fall outfit

What makes the perfect fall outfit? Simple, anything cozy and comfy.  For me a comfy not too tight sweater, cozy scarf and a pair of skinny jeans or boyfriend pants has been my go-to thus far this far.  Pattern play is such a fun way to make a big statement…

vest weather

I think we all can agree that vest-sweater weather is the best weather, am I right? I am a self proclaimed vest-aholic and I have no shame in saying that I have an unhealthy amount of vests.  They’re just so comfy and so versatile, if they didn’t come in so…