Ok if you follow a lot of bloggers/influencers on social media then you might have already heard (and might be beyond over hearing about it which I totally get) but on the off chance that you haven’t heard, LIKEtoKNOW.IT now has an app.  It’s completely FREE! If you have zero…

camel cape

Once again I’m channeling my inner J.Crew.  When I saw this camel cape coat my mouth dropped I was in aw and in love but I wasn’t ready to start my fall shopping at the time.  Shortly after falling love I was at the Atlanta Apparel Market with friends of…

the best sweater ever

Sweater weather has graced the south with its presence and it’s glorious I’ve practically been singing hallelujah ever since I stepped outside last week and felt the need for a sweater <insert praise hands to the sky emoji>Side note, if you haven’t smelled the sweater weather candle from Bath&Body Works…