Question, do you think you can you judge someone based on their Instagram feed?  What about their latest Facebook post, tweet or snap?  Maybe judge is the wrong choice of word, can you get a good feel for who someone is based on what they put into the tech world?…

yellow & white

I hope you have your sunglasses on, you’re going to need them to read today’s post…it’s gonna be a bright one! Happy Monday! I think most of the world is sleeping in and enjoying this 3 day weekend, if you are one them ENJOY IT! What’s better than a 3 day…

easy breezy tunic dress

As far as I’m concerned summer weather is officially here, when you can feel the humidity and your hair starts to frizz she has arrived.  This past weekend was little humid, not too bad since I spent it on the water which meant I had a none stop breeze.  Linen…