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easy breezy tunic dress

As far as I’m concerned summer weather is officially here, when you can feel the humidity and your hair starts to frizz she has arrived.  This past weekend was little humid, not too bad since I spent it on the water which meant I had a none stop breeze.  Linen…

elephant cold-shoulder dress

shop with SIE dress | wedges | necklace Happy Friday! Before we talk about how perfect this boho cold shoulder dress is I want to have a come to Jesus moment with y’all about myself.  When I first started blogging and hell even now I am not totally at home…

herringbone + hunter boots

It’s only appropriate to wear your favorite J.Crew herringbone vest & your Hunter boots when do you go to a Christmas tree farm, right?  This is absolutely correct if you’re a preppy some would dare say basic white girl.  This is the first time I’ve ever been to a Christmas tree farm…