my kind of comfort in gingham

Ok so for those of you who know me personally then you know that makeup is taboo to me 99% of the time, I love letting my hair air-dry and I’d rather have a comfortable pair of shorts & flats/sneakers than I had a dress.  I’m probably making so many…

casual summer

Holy guacamole (currently eating some) can y’all believe that it’s already July!? Like where has this year gone! Today I’m talking about beating the summer heat which is no easy task here in the south, thanks humidity.  Some day’s are better than some but unless you’re super human like my…


Question, do you think you can you judge someone based on their Instagram feed?  What about their latest Facebook post, tweet or snap?  Maybe judge is the wrong choice of word, can you get a good feel for who someone is based on what they put into the tech world?…