Fast fashion has long become a staple of our lives, but in reality, this culture of cheaper, more affordable items is creating a problem for our planet as the cheaply produced items head to landfill more frequently than their more expensive counterparts. The thing is, despite the culture of buying…

feeling 22…pairs of loafers

When I went to vote I wore these adorable studded suede loafers, see Insta.  I got so many compliments on them which of course made me feel great, I mean sure it was from a bunch of elder people but whatever I’ve always connected with the older souls.  Since I…

easy breezy tunic dress

As far as I’m concerned summer weather is officially here, when you can feel the humidity and your hair starts to frizz she has arrived.  This past weekend was little humid, not too bad since I spent it on the water which meant I had a none stop breeze.  Linen…