red & white gingham romper

It’s officially summer & I’m loving it!! I’ve been hitting the beach since about May, one of the many perks to living in a beach town.  Even though I’m no longer in school and summer isn’t a break from anything really (one of the many none perks of being in…

the perfect transitional utility jacket

I know it might be a bit premature to start talking about transitioning to fall but with everyone still hyped over Nordstrom’s anniversary sale and most of you who’ve shopped it early have started to receive your hauls I thought I would share how to wear a few of the…

my kind of comfort in gingham

Ok so for those of you who know me personally then you know that makeup is taboo to me 99% of the time, I love letting my hair air-dry and I’d rather have a comfortable pair of shorts & flats/sneakers than I had a dress.  I’m probably making so many…