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Hey hey! I hope all of y’all are staying heathy & as sane as you can! Trying to find things to do during this coivd-19 quarantine madness is a daily struggle. I feel like some people went straight to cleaning/organizing/purging in the first few days while others soaked up binging/catching…

Purse. Pocketbook. Handbag.

Purse, handbag, pocketbook, whatever you call it, you can NEVER have too many – say’s every women in the world. If you’re anything like me I cant carry the same purse for more than a few days without wanting to switch it up. I love a throw everything but the…

Could You Wear Only Eco-Friendly Fashion?!

The buzzwords of the moment are sustainable, eco-friendly and green. These concepts often seem more at home on the political or social stage. However, fashion is staking a claim to being all three of these postmodern phrases. Many people who adore the world of fashion are also keen to flex…