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Sunday, the best and worst day of the week.  The best because it’s the Lord’s day but it’s the worst because we’re all just dreading as the clock winds down because we know that Monday is near.  I hope y’all’ve <—- totally did think autocorrect would let that one happen,…

flared denim

I don’t think y’all even know how excited I am that flared denim is back! First off I have to just let y’all know up front that the jeans that I am wearing are from my high school days and are from American Eagle. I have 2 pairs of these, one…

favorite jeans

Denim…everyones best friend! Seriously though who doesn’t love denim? It matches literally everything including denim, within in reason of course.  I remember a few yeas back when skinny jeans became a thing and I told myself I would never wear them…totally caved.  When the whole baggy boyfriend denim came around,…