boyfriend jeans


Callanan hat & boyfriend jeans

I set out in my closet for a business casual look hence the white button-down….one thing lead to another, a hat was added and before I knew it I was wearing boyfriend chic a.k.a oversized errrything. I’m still wearing these platform espadrilles as I said I would be at the beginning…

effortless chic

  Here’s the thing about me, I have a true love-hate relationship with getting dressed in the morning.  As much as I love clothes, accessories and the sheer awesomeness that surrounds wearing the perfect outfit. The truth is I hate the process (most of the time) of actually getting ready.…

oversized and layered

The only way to describe this look is oversized layers. I’ve recently ventured my way into the world of high heels…seriously y’all I’ve never been a fan mainly because I’m not the most graceful person in the world but now that I’m here I’m kind of obsessed.  I love being able…