cut-off Levi’s

Cut-offs and flip flops, isn’t that the theme of summer? I hope y’all had a great weekend! I spent almost every minute of mine outside, it was so perfect! I wish I would have taken these pictures after this weekend since I have a better tan ūüėČ I can promise‚Ķ

wait, mermaids aren’t real

Is anyone really a grown up?  As a child we in a sense idolize are parents and grandparents and think that all elders can fix just about any problem our tiny mouths could throw at them.  Even the older kids on the playground when we were in grade school, the…

Tribe + Glory

I’ve received so many compliments and questions¬†regarding the beaded necklace I’ve been wearing in some of my IG photos recently as well as the blue beaded bracelet I featured in a previous post. ¬†If you’ve tapped y photos you would have seen that it’s from Tribe + Glory. ¬†I decided‚Ķ