Revamping Vintage Levis

Finding the perfect pair of denim shorts is a real life treasure hunt. They have to be the right wash, the right fit – not too short, not too tight in both the hips & in the thighs. I like mine to be like a boyfriend fit but still slightly fitted.

FACT: these shorts paired w/ a white boyfriend button-down, panama hat, straw bag & some slides equals my ideal/perfect spring/summer uniform!

I bought a pair of refurbished vintage Levis from two of my friends boutiques a couple of year ago. Joanna & Alicia do y’all remember these?!

a few snaps I found buried on Insta @taylorsmclemore


They found them from this vendor who upcyled old pairs of Levis, cut them into shorts & in my case added lace to the back pockets. I loved them & wore them all the time. I hadn’t been wearing as often as I used to, I wanted a simple pair. I searched online to find vintage Levis or something comparable to the look & fit. I found a few that I thought would do & they were great shorts they just weren’t the ones. I did find a few pairs that seemed like they were what I was looking for but I couldn’t be sure without trying them on and all the online shops I’d found them in were super pricy. I wasn’t ready to shell out a tone of money for the few pairs of true vintage Levis. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner but all I had to do was cut the lace off the back pockets.

The search was over for now that is until I’m lucky enough to stubble across pair in which I’m absolutely buying. The solution was simple, all I had to do was cut the lace off the pockets and then cut open the back pockets that had been sewn shut. Nothing crazy hard just a little tedious. All I used were scissors and this nail tool to help grab the threads. You could use anything that could lift up the thread & pull it through the fabric.

I had to be careful when I was pulling out the white thread not to accidentally grab the original Levi threads.
I thought about leaving the white thread from the lace on because it didn’t look eye shockingly noticeable (if you look closely you can see it around the yellowish Levi trim) but decided it all needed to go.
Half way done with the pocket open

Drum roll please….introducing my new and improved Vintage Levis!

I didn’t have to change anything to the front of the shorts but wanted to show both the front & back.

If you have a pair of denim shorts you love, please share & also if you know any stores that sell more of the Levi shorts I’ve been searching for please let me know where I can shop!


with love from the sunshine state

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