Hey hey! I hope all of y’all are staying heathy & as sane as you can! Trying to find things to do during this coivd-19 quarantine madness is a daily struggle. I feel like some people went straight to cleaning/organizing/purging in the first few days while others soaked up binging/catching up on their favorite shows while online shopping; all of which have occurred at this point by now. I was on the neat freak team and went straight to purging and organizing. Not only did I purge my closet but with some of the jeans I decided to keep, I decided to cut the hems & add distressed details. PRO TIP: I like to try on the pants I’m going to cut, mark with a pen where I want the length to be. I take them off (I’ve tried keep them on and cutting but it was a disaster) cut along where I’ve marked. Then I try them back on to see if its the length I want them. If it is then I take them off again, I’ll take my scissors and open them up and scrape it across the bottom to roughen up the hem line. I use scissors for this but a razor blade works too, really anything sharp enough will work. I feel like the real magic happens when you wash & dry your jeans. It really makes the hem get the look you really want. Don’t worry if they don’t look perfect right when you cut them, scrape your scissors or blade all along the hem & remember that washing & drying will do the magic. This was my way of refreshing my wardrobe without giving in and adding everything to my cart further fueling my online shopping habit!

I’ve found myself so many times donating or giving away pieces that I loved and that still fit but there was one little detail I’d like to be altered, whether it’s my own personal style has changed or a new trend sucked me in. I would end up rebuying the same thing but with that one detail changed. Not only did I waste money in a way but sometimes the re-purchases wont fit the exact same way or are a slightly different fabric.

I just wanted to share that fun little idea in case you might not have thought to recycle some pieces you already own! Tie dying & bleach dying are great and inexpensive ways to reinvent things you already have & make you fall in love with your closet all over again!

– xo

with love from the sunshine state

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