Purse. Pocketbook. Handbag.

Purse, handbag, pocketbook, whatever you call it, you can NEVER have too many – say’s every women in the world.

If you’re anything like me I cant carry the same purse for more than a few days without wanting to switch it up. I love a throw everything but the kitchen sink type of giant tote. Longchamp & Barrington Gifts are my go-to’s for those, but I also love to have a variety of crossbody, clutch and backpack options as well. Sometimes I don’t need to carry my life with me, just the essentials like chapstick, ID/ debit card & some sunglasses.

When looking for a great handbag that will last longer than a season I say look at leather. The reason for this is that first and foremost it is a highly fashionable material but leather is also an extremely durable material and thus you will get a lot of use out of your bag. Before splurging on your new fine leatha goods (if you seen Parks & Rec you should get the reference to Donna when her & Tom are having their treat yo’self day sepidode), consider the trends in style at present and ask yourself if you’re going to love that trend/style of handbag for longer than right this very moment. Everyones budget is different so if you have the means to splurge more often than most then by all means shop till you drop but if your budget requires you to be more frugal before making a big purchase you really need to think about how much you’re really going to carry you possible to bag. Trade in/consignment shops are amazing options when looking to come up with extra cash for a new purchase.

Let’s get shopping! If you’re currently in the market for a new bag here’s what’s trending now. Big bags are highly fashionable at right now….in my opinion big oversized bags are always in fashion. The bigger the better! This is because women see their bags at statement pieces; they can be the focus of an entire outfit. Therefore, a big bag can truly dominant a look and give it that fashionable edge. Another trend which is in at the moment is that of studs. If you want to add an edgy glamour to your outfit then you should seek a bag that is adorned with studs. When going for these bags it is always advisable to go for a dark and a harsh color, for instance, either black, dark red or violet are good options. This trend provides a great way to emulate chic style. In addition to studs and big bags, another trend which is popular is that of satchel bags. Satchels have a business-like edge to them; they add an element of class and sophistication to any look, and they look great when teamed with cat eye glasses. They are the perfect sort of bag for office wear. Nevertheless, this is not their only use. They are a great choice when it comes to rocking casual glam – team a shift dress, a pair of brogues and a blazer with a satchel to achieve this look.

One final trend to consider is going for a metallic bag. This trend is something which a lot of people like to call ‘space-bound’ or ‘futuristic’. It is one of the most popular fashions at the moment. It is a look which can instantly transform a plain outfit into a show-stopping ensemble. If you are looking for a place to start then seek a silver metallic bag and team it with a black dress.


with love from the sunshine state

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