Operation Kill 2020 with Kindness!

Don’t worry… this isn’t one of those generic New Year posts. You’ve no doubt made certain promises to yourself that will help you to lead a healthier and more fulfilled life. You can read mine right here. This is more about how we all need to do our part to bring back something that’s extremely precious and sadly depleted in the world as we reach the midpoint of the first month of the 2020s.  A commodity that is as precious as our oil and our natural gas, as beautiful as gold or diamonds and every bit as finite. We’re talking about kindness… and it can seem like it’s in shorter supply than ever before. 

In an era where it can seem as though everybody’s out for themselves, greed is a virtue and our neighbors should be viewed with suspicion and / or jealousy we all need to do our part to make the world a kinder place. Not just for ourselves. Not just for each other… it’s no hyperbole to say that the very fate of the world could depend on our kindness. 

Try Veganuary
Cutting out (or at least cutting down) on your meat and dairy consumption is one of the best things you can do for the planet. Not only is it a vote with your wallet against animal suffering, it’s also a vote for more sustainable farming. Animal agriculture is the world’s leading cause of climate change, air pollution, species habitat loss and extinction on the planet. Whether you try Veganuary and see what plant based alternatives there are out there to your favorite meat and dairy products, or simply try something like Meat-Free Mondays, eating more plants and less of everything else is one of the kindest things you can do for the planet. 

Swap out your favorite brands for more ethical alternatives
You like to look good, but you may blanche at reading the ethical track record of some of your favorite brands. The good news is that whether you’re looking for the latest fashion trends, skin-nourishing cosmetics or fabulously flawless makeup you can always find a more ethical alternative. Just take a look at this cruelty-free and 100% vegan glitter eyeliner. You’ll see that looking good doesn’t have to come at the expense of animal suffering. 

Buy pre-loved 
Speaking of looking good, one of the kindest ways to do so is to buy as many pre-loved clothes and other goods as possible, whether through a charity store or buying direct from the seller on eBay. You’re either doing good for a worthy cause or helping someone nearby earn a little extra money. 

Volunteer some time to a worthy cause
Of course, kindness doesn’t have to be about what we do with our money. What we do with our time can be an equally powerful force for good. See if you can volunteer some good for a worthy cause like a homeless shelter, animal sanctuary, local charity or care home even if it’s just for a couple of hours on a Sunday.

Pick up the phone
Finally, one of the kindest things you can do is to pick up the phone, find the number of a friend or relative you haven’t spoken to in a while and let them know you’re thinking of them. You may be surprised at the difference it makes in their lives. 

– xo

with love from the sunshine state

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