Minimalism is super on trend these days. I say trend because I don’t know how else to describe it. I feel like as a society when one thinks of wealth they think of a lot of stuff. Maybe it’s hollywood painting billionaires & their mansions lavishly decorated from floor to ceiling, everything gold and dripping in opulence. I feel like the times/expectations in a way have shifted in a way. Yes the wealthy are still swimming in cash but the idea of a tastefully cluttered mega mansion seems less appealing & the beauty in simplicity is here. Less is more & I have to admit I’ve gotten to where I would absolutely considerer myself a minimalist. If I don’t use it often or ever in some cases then donate or toss it. Why keep it if you never use it or even remember that you have it. Minimalism is being shown in documentaries showcasing how people have freed themselves from frustration and anxiety by scaling down their priorities in life, or whether it’s Marie Kondo publicly emptying people’s homes of  stuff that doesn’t “spark joy,” there’s something about the idea of “decluttering” and focusing on essentials that is really motivational for a lot of us. A minimalistic approach can have plenty of benefits for life, as a whole. It can also have benefits for your approach to style.

In terms of how you dress: think about it, if you’re going to put in the effort to look your best, you probably want to look at least a bit classy and elegant, rather than over done/ tacky.
Sure, tastes differ and there’s a time and place for different styles. Generally speaking, a minimalistic approach to style is a great way of capturing that timeless look that people like Audrey Hepburn had, rather than looking like you’ve desperately tried to overdo everything for bonus attention.
When all is said and done, it only takes a few well-placed procedures and routines to make a big impact. Click here to visit this website and read about the benefits of microblading, for example. You can be sure that well-maintained eyebrows will make a real difference.

If your beauty and style routine includes dozens and dozens of steps that you have to try and remember and carry out each day, it’s pretty much a given that you’re going to be a lot more worked up and stressed than you would be if your routine was far more straightforward.

The same thing applies to life, in general. Whenever you’ve got too much stuff to focus on and worry about, your stress levels are going to rise, and you’re not going to feel your best. A minimalistic approach to things – whether in terms of your style, your personal belongings, or your social life – is going to make life more harmonious and upbeat.

These days, marketing departments and major companies are really good at what they do. If you have a look at an advert from the 1960s, you’ll probably struggle to keep yourself from laughing at just how basic everything was. TV ads, billboards, and viral campaigns do a great good job of trying to convince us all that we need to spend money pretty much constantly to feel good about ourselves.

A minimalistic approach to style can be a useful way of keeping yourself from compulsively overspending. Sure, you’ll probably still spend a decent amount on the services and products that you do use. But if you are actively trying to stop going crazy and stocking up on everything, your bank balance will probably look a lot healthier.

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