Mini Ulta Haul

Blacked out in Ulta again. I thought it would be fun to share my latest beauty haul.

First in my haul and the main reason I went into Ulta, I needed to replace my mascara & lash primer because they were both getting a little too dried out for my taste. I replaced the same lash primer, the Lancôme cils booster xL. Tarte’s opening act primer used to be my ride or die until last time when I finally tried out Lancôme & fell in love with it. This time I did try a new mascara, the it-Cosmetics superhero mascara. I was using Better Than Sex from Too Faced and I loved it but have been wanting to try the superhero since so many people rave about it.

My treat o’self moment goes to a FOREO Luna Mini 2. Funny story about the FOREO. A year or so ago I received a FOREO in pr and I gave it to my mom. I’ve had a Clarisonic for years so when I was sent a different facial brush I didn’t even think to try it because I loved my Clarisonic. I started getting the itch to change up my skincare and read a blog about the FOREO and started kicking myself for giving mine to my mom. She loved it and is super particular about things so I knew if she loved it then I really needed to try it and not to mention the cost of my Clarisonic brush heads adds up over time. Not to mention how sketched out I got when I thought about just how clean is my brush head if I’m using it twice a day? Even changing it the recommend about of time was too long for me so I would change them like every 2 weeks which got expensive. The FOREO is supposed to be much more sanitary, their is no brush head to change & the model I got is rechargeable.

I absolutely had to pick up a face mask while I was in Ulta because I literally haven’t done a mask in months. I ran out of every sheet mask & jar mask I had and kept forgetting to restock. I grabbed my all time FAVORITE mask, the flower & tonic mask from Mario Badesku. It’s a clay mask that tightens but it isn’t that itchy tight mask feeling that you can wait to rinse off. When I take this MB mask off my skin feels so incredibly soft and moisturized! I literally have to force myself to stop touching my skin, it’s that good y’all!

Last in my haul is the Mario Badesku vitamin c serum. I’m new to the serum world & to be honest it’s super overwhelming trying to figure out exactly what kind of serum(s) my skin needs. I got a mini sample of a Caudalie serum that I used and it made my skin feel really nice and I didn’t break out. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy the big bottle of the sample I’d tried or something different. I did a little research and decided to start simple with a vitamin c serum and not jump straight into too crazy especially since I’m so new to the serum world. The MB vitamin c serum got a lot of great reviews & the price was reasonable. You know how sometimes you get a little freebie when you purchase something from a certain brand, I usually never use them to be honest I give them away but this time I got a travel size Mario Badesku rose water spray which is perfect timing for a trip I have coming up. I use the rose, lavender & aloe sprays from MB daily. I pick based on mood and usually use the lavender at night since it’s super calming.

***I’m posting this the day after I purchased everything & so far I’ve used the face mask (ahhhhmazing as always) I’ve used the FOREO twice (last night & this morning) and I’ve used the serum twice as well and y’all omg my face feels amazing incredibly! I don’t know which product to give credit to or a combination of all 3 new products but I am super happy with my new finds!

– xo

with love from the sunshine state

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