Having fun with style is all about reinvention and letting your style evolve with. Discovering new looks which really make your heart sing and being a little braver in your choices, or even going for a more drastic reinvention can really make you feel alive. Sometimes when you’ve been through a significant life change, the time just feels right to undergo an external transformation to match the emotional one that’s been going on inside. So where do you begin if it feels like you want a makeover in lockdown?

Figure Out The Changes You Need

There are different levels of reinvention, and the first step is to figure out what you need. For some people, simply switching up their style and getting some new clothes will be enough. Others may want a more physical transformation – perhaps changing their lifestyle to lose a few pounds, doing some research on a treatment they have always wanted at  http://somaplastics.com/, or booking in for a new cut and color. The level of transformation is something very personal, so think about what you’d like to achieve.

Create Some Mood Boards

Once you’ve figured it out, creating some mood boards for your new look can be a helpful step. Tools like Pinterest are perfect for this – you can browse and organize images of outfits you love, haircuts that might suit you or new makeup looks to try. This visual reference gives you something to aim towards and can help you see what is missing from your current wardrobe, and to guide you in making online purchases to complete your new look. Taking in some magazines, catwalk photos and style blogs is also a great place to find new inspiration – looking up fashion hashtags on Instagram can also give you more of a view of what real people are wearing well. Be sure to follow me on Pinterest (SIEverything) & Instagram (@taylorsmclemore) to see what styles I’m into at the moment and all the food I’m dying to make!

Get Shopping

It’s never been easier than now to find exactly what you’re looking for online. Decide on a strategy when it comes to your clothes – are you looking for an affordable way to try a bold new look? Or would you rather invest in a few quality pieces that will go the distance? Most online retailers offer a discount when you sign up to their newsletter. And it doesn’t have to be first-hand – DePop, Vestiare Collective and eBay are brilliant channels to find pre-loved clothes in excellent condition. Not only is this approach much kinder to the planet, but you can also pick up some beautiful, high-quality items for a lot less. Now here comes a shameless plug to tell y’all to check out my online boutique, sieboutique.com for fresh new styles! I have a direct link at the top of the blog!

Test It Out

The current lockdown conditions are perfect for trying out a new look and getting used to it before you show the world. Have fun with different outfit combinations or ways of styling your hair – and when you’re ready, you can always send out a few selfies to your WhatsApp group and see what the reaction is. A reinvention can give you a significant confidence boost and also keep you busy through this challenging time, so embrace the change and see what you can do.

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