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Ear Piercing Guide
Ear Piercing Guide

Deciding to get a piercing can be a fun way to spruce up your style and try something new. Most of us have our earlobes pierces at a young age but as we get older we may want to try different types of piercings on our ears to make a statement. There are SOOO many places on your body you can have pierced but the most common is your ear. Even on the ear there are so many options. I’m going to share which piercing I’ve had done, healing time & how I thought the pain level was for each. ***I do have a kind of high tolerance for pain so keep that in mind when reading. I currently have 3 different types of ear piercings I currently have, technically it’s 8 total: 3 lobe piercings on each ear & then my tragus and conch piercings are both on my left side.

Traditional Lobe Piercingpain level: a tiny pinch
The earlobe is the most commonly pierced part of the body and most of us have this done when we are kids, a lot of times when we are babies. This piercing is a great choice for beginners because it is relatively painless and the healing time is fairly short. Being able to wear earrings is the perfect way to accessorize any look. I personally have 3 traditional earlobe piercing on each ear. I got my first lobe piercing when I was in elementary school, my second/upper lobe piercing I got when I was in middle school & I had to beg my mom to let me do it. My first piercing I had trouble keeping, long story short my ears were too sensitive for the jewelry originally put in it, I needed the real gold not the cheap stuff. The healing time took so long which is why I think my mom was a little nervous for me to have it done. My upper/third lobe piercing I got in January of this year, my oldest sister & I went together to both get something done for her birthday. The healing time was easy and fast compared to anything else you can have pierced (4-6 weeks) as long as you keep up with regular cleaning.

Tragus Piercingpain level: a pressurized bee sting
The Tragus is the small part of the ear that covers the ear canal and it is closest to your face. It is a wonderful place to pierce and can really work well with a cute little stud which is what I have and never take out. It is an excellent place to pierce because it is well in view at all times so if you really want to make a big fashion statement this is the way to go. The healing took (2-3 months) a little longer than the earlobe did but it wasn’t super painful or anything. I personally didn’t find the healing part terrible because it’s the inner part of you ear it’s not getting bumped constantly. I think the worst thing about getting my tragus pierced was hearing the cartilage pop. It wasn’t bad just super weird because with your lobe you don’t hear it like you do with this one because it’s so thick.

Conch Piercingpain level: OUCH is all I can say
The conch is a part of the ear that is deep, and it is a wonderful place to get a subtle and classy piercing. The conch works best with small piercings and you can choose to wear the inner or outer conch for your own style. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, this was the most painful of all of my piercings but I think it’s been totally worth it. I went on my birthday this year in September to get it done and while it’s been totally worth it and I can’t wait to finally switch out the jewelry, the healing time on this one seems to take forever! It can take anywhere from 6-9 months.

I’ve also had my nose pierced which didn’t hurt that bad it felt like a pimple popping. I kept it for a few months and then got bored with it, I love the look on other people but I didn’t think it a great fit for me. I also had my tongue pierced. Shocking I know! I got it done when I was 18 with one of my friends & truthfully the only reason we did was because we were bored and because we were 18 and didn’t need our parents permission. haha! Needless to say it was super short lived, I’m talking like a week. It definitely was not a look I could pull off and the fact that it interfered with eating I was like nope, it’s got to go. If I’m being fully honest about pain levels I would say the tongue piercing was almost non-existent. The part that hurt most was the clamp that held my tongue so it could be pierced.

What will my next ear piercing be???

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been kind of wanting to get another piercing even though it’s only been 3 months since having my conch pierced. I’m considering/super wanting my helix done next!

I don’t have any tattoos and probably never will, not that I don’t love them on other people, my oldest sister is covered and practically all of my friends all have at least one. My thing that I like so much with a piercing is that if I change my mind or I’m over it I can just take it out like I did with my nose and tongue. I know tattoos can be removed but it’s such a painful, long & expensive process. For now I’m sticking to my ear piercing addiction and will admire tattoos on everyone else!

As long as you keep up with keeping your new piercing cleaned (it’s so simple, 2-3 times a day which takes less an 30seconds each time) it’s not a bad experience at all just keep in mind your tolerance for pain & healing times. I hope I can inspire anyone who’s thinking about getting something pierced whether it’s a cute dangly belly ring, nose, lip but especially an ear piercing since I can speak most on it to totally do it!

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