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Fast fashion has long become a staple of our lives, but in reality, this culture of cheaper, more affordable items is creating a problem for our planet as the cheaply produced items head to landfill more frequently than their more expensive counterparts. The thing is, despite the culture of buying new clothes frequently, we can still adapt our buying habits and become more conscious of what we are buying and how we are spending our money. I want to highlight 5 essential basic pieces I believe everyone should have in their wardrobe. The “they never go out of style” pieces.


Costume jewelry is cheap and easily accessible. We all like a bargain but what happens when the items are no longer desired or fit for purpose? Swap cheaper, mass-produced items for quality jewellery pieces in classic styles that will complement your wardrobe for years to come. Did you know gold and diamonds hold their value and can increase over time too? As well as being better for the environment, they can also be an investment for you for years to come. Look to Whiteflash for your diamond jewellery needs and opt for top-end watches that will tell time for as long as you need them and boast exceptional craftsmanship too.


Every wardrobe needs a pair of black heels. Perfect for most outfits and timelessly classic, putting your best foot forward in a pair of well-fitting black heels can serve you well as time goes on. Make sure to have them fitted properly so you can wear them in comfort from day one and avoid any unwanted rubbing and ill-fitting problems. 


We all need a pair of jeans that fits us well and can lend itself to a multitude of different outfits and styles. A well-fitting pair of jeans can become your best friend as far as fashion is concerned. There is no denying that jeans are possibly the hardest working item on your fashion toolkit and they will most definitely have your back when it comes to helping you dress up or down casually or professionally.


Whatever your chosen style of T-shirt, get yourself a good quality white T-shirt. This will help carry you through many seasons and will always be in style. A classic white tee will adapt to any outfit, can be worn casual with joggers for a lazy day look or dressed up with your favourite jeans and a smart blazer for a classic look perfect for dinner dates, lunches, shopping trips and more.


If you don’t have one in your wardrobe already, then you need one stat! A good trench coat not only looks good on pretty much everyone but also is functional as well as stylish. Opt for a neutral colour to see you through different seasons of fashion and remain timeless.

A good trench coat will protect you from the elements as well as completing your look. with many different styles of trenchcoat to choose from, there is no denying its style power and constant appeal year after year. Cover up your jean and white tee combo for a casual autumn day vibe or pair it with your favourite LBD to keep you warm, dry and looking good on nights out!

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