Styles. Trends. Oh My.

When the seasons change so do the styles…duh right?! Trying to keep up with the fashion world and what’s in and how to make it your own can be exhausting, questionable i.e. the platform croc. Not my thing but hey…fashion is & always should be fun so go crazy and try out all the latest trends!

Totally wear what you love and what you feel comfortable in just don’t spend sooooo much money on trendy pieces you’ll regret buying before you can even justify spending the money before the next trend hits and your’e over it. Focus on style steals that will blend effortlessly in your current closet. By style steals I mean finding must have new staples that don’t break the bank for the new season.

First Stop, Check Your Closet // I’m super guilty of forgetting about things I already own. Maybe I shop too much. Maybe I like to see how new trends mesh with my current style, like put my own spin on them. I think it’s such a typically girl thing to stand in her closet and feel like she has absolutely nothing to wear. One day I love my entire closet and I want to wear so many different outfits but there are some days I get so annoyed because I somehow hate single stitch of clothing I look at and will just throw on something usually super lazy like an oversized anything with a pair of boyfriend jeans and call it a day. If you’re like me then you pick your outfits based on how you feel when you wake up. Our moods can change how we feel about certain pieces, we get bored with a pattern, you hate that everyone owns it or your style evolves and certain things don’t match your new style. For whatever the reason we all have pieces that we’ve rotated back and forth throughout the seasons for whatever reason. Jewelry is not excluded from this, do you ever go through and wonder why you stopped wearing your favorite rings that you didn’t take off for months not even to shower or the watch you begged for for Christmas? Old gems can definitely be brought back to life. TAG Heuer Watch Repair is something you might want to look at, or if you have another branded watch, just take a look at their repair shops! Having a good purge & deciding what you want to keep and what you’re seriously never going to wear again, might help you to discover something new!

Winter is Coming…
Winter fashion is something I go crazy for! I love being able to wrap up warm & cozy, feel comfortable while still looking cute. A simple style steal outfit, is a long chunky knit jumper, some comfy leggings, and a nice pair of boots. This simple look is an old age classic, and we sometimes feel like people are putting far too much effort for the winter! But if a little bit of effort is more your style, then a steal for you would be to go for one of the big faux fur coats that are coming back on the shop floors now. They’re so elegant looking, they’re comfy, and they help to keep you warm. There are ones of all different colours, and it turns an outfit from average to sassy in minutes.

Shoes, shoes, shoes, so many shoes so little time, amiright?! Boots & sneakers are a must…in my opinion. It’s nothing ground breaking but investing in a great pair of boots for fall/winter is like investing in a new best friend. You want something that will be versatile that can be worn with a lot of different outfit/style options & you also want them to be comfortable & warm; overall practical and not just for a trend. All boots of all shapes and sizes are in fashion right now from ankle boots, combat, riding, to knee high boots. No boot is left out. I think the same can be said for sneakers. From a classic Chuck Taylor to the super chunky dad sneaker (which I think is starting to lose speed but it’s still super popular) finding comfortable sneaker is a great way to keep your feet warm, comfortable & is a great way to make an outfit casual & fun.

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