How to be a Better You in 2020

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The new year is coming, and that means that the new decade is also nearly here. Yes I said it NEW DECADE, that is so crazy for me to say. This can be a great time to reflect, to consider personal milestones, and to also consider the future. However, none of that can happen without you feeling up to the task, something that might be more of a dream than a reality after a busy period of working winter crunch, or a heavy amount of social engagements over the festive period.

Not to sound cliche but new year, new you. This may simply be a fun or quite necessary means of overcoming your sense of lethargy and isolation, splashing some cold water on yourself and your priorities, and ensuring you feel great as you dive into the new year with care. Putting yourself through that ‘2020 tune-up’ is completely of your own making of course. Letting go of anything that was negative, too excessive or just that didn’t serve you well in the past, the new year is a great time to kick start better days ahead and I’m not just talking about losing x amount of weight or eating right which are two very important things to take note of especially after months of holiday eating 😉

Medical Care
It can be important not only to tune up your mind, but also your body. We may think this means diving into a gym and starting a new practice of exercise, but actually, simply ensuring you are firing on all cylinders medically is important. Associating yourself with an urgent care provider may help you resolve issues such as planned vaccinations, or pre-employment physicals to name a few. We all need to make sure we’re ahead of the curve from time to time, and this should provide you with that careful platform to do so.

A Large Spa Day
Self care! Love yourself and treat yourself. Some can feel selfish for doing this especially if you have kids but you absolutely have to reward yourself and allow your mind & body to rest and recharge. A large spa day can make a world of difference. Go solo or make it a fun girls day, mother & daughter day or a romantic day with your boo. It can be truly restorative for your mind, body and spirit. Bring a friend along and soak in a jacuzzi, steam in a sauna, or get a great massage before all of this. Perhaps even exercise later in the day, and then meditate to add your own healthy twist. One or two days dedicated to pure physical improvement and nurturing can help you leave feeling like a new person. Let’s be real, life is tough and deserve to be pampered. If a spa day is out of your budget then do an at home spa day, they can be just as relaxing and the best part you don’t have to leave your house!

Cardio, Cardio, Cardio
It might seem as though exercise is completely non-essential, but that’s far from the truth. In fact, enjoying a good amount of quality cardio, perhaps heading on a walk around your neighborhood, take your significant other, dog or make it a group thing with friends. Doing light cardio in your backyard, going to your local indoor pool to swim some laps or even signing up to run/walk a half marathon in the new year and preparing for that, there’s nothing more freeing, restorative to your personality, or completely able to shatter your pre-conceived boundaries than physical exercise. No matter how untrained you are, doing a little of this can help you feel much more of yourself, while transforming you for the better.

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