3 Quick Ways to Change Your Hair

Whether you are in need of a sudden fix-up or you are just not too happy with how your hair is at the moment, it can be handy to know about a few ways in which you might be able to change it for the better. The truth is that you can always do this, no matter what the situation might be or how bad you might feel it has become. Knowing that is going to mean that you can expect much more from your hair, and that is something that any of us would be glad for, especially when getting ready for a big event or something similar. So what are some of the quick and effective ways to change your hair? In this post, we’ll take a look at just a few of the best and most effective, so that you have a few to choose between.

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I actually just chopped my hair to my collarbone, new season new me!

Sometimes, you need a complete overhaul, but you have enough hair that you know you can do something with it. On those occasions, one of the best things you can do is simply get a restyle done from your hairdresser. If you want it to be particularly exciting, you can even give them free reign of your hair and just let them do what they feel is right. Of course, that takes a lot of guts and a good working relationship with the stylist, which is something that can take many years to develop. But if you have it, it can be a good way to spontaneously improve your hair in no time, and it’s worth considering for that reason alone.

My hairstylist is a good friend of mine so I already have a great relationship with her but I also show her pictures of what I’m wanting & ask her if that is something that will work with my hair type & face shape. Just because one style works for someone doesn’t mean that it’ll work for you, you have to factor in hair thickness, texture and also take into consideration styling. Some cuts might look effortless but in fact take more prep & style time than you know. I personally am very low maintenance when it come’s to styling my hair so even though I love the look of certain hairstyles I see on Pinterest, they are just not in the cards for me because the styling isn’t something I’m willing to do. haha

If you just want a different look for a one-off occasion, or for a short period of time, then you might want to think about simply getting hold of a wig you can wear for that duration. This is something that people quite often overlook, and yet there is nothing wrong with it – and it can be a particularly enjoyable way to make sure that you are changing up your style every now and then. All you need to do is go to the wig store and pick out something that you think will work with whatever outfit you have planned, and you should find that this can really help you improve your look in the short-term.

Yet again, there can be times when the only change you really need to make is with the product that you are using in your hair. You might be surprised to discover just how much of a change you can make by simply changing what you use in your hair, and you might not even believe it until you try it yourself. Once again, there are certain products that work for my friends that when I try because I trust how much they love them & I can actually see how great they work they just don’t work with my hair type. I’m always crazy weird about how my hair feels after a product is in. If I can touch my hair and it feels sticky or has a crazy amount of grit to it I just can’t. I want my hair to feel as soft as it can. If you are in need of a quick change switch up your products, you might find that it is enough to bring about the kind of transformation that you are seeking. It could even be that you discover your new fave product this way.

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