Organization is an art: Your Closet & Drawers Need to be Pretty Too

Photo via @taylorsmclemore

Photo via @taylorsmclemore

You know already that your outfits mean a lot to you, and how comfortable you feel in your ensemble can dictate how your day will go. But what about other aspects surrounding your clothes? For instance, the way in which they’re kept. You’re lying if you say you don’t care about your closet’s aesthetics because everyone wants to have the opportunity to open up the doors and be in awe of what they’re seeing! Having an organized and assembled set of clothes and accessories is a beautiful and tranquil feeling. Here’s how to get it:   

Plan Everything Out Beforehand
Like with most things, you’ll need to think about it before you make any moves. The last thing you want to do is start this little project, and get stuck halfway through. You’ll likely make things worse than they were before, and you’ll probably get a little down. To avoid any issues, you should probably write out what you want to do. Drawing out a little design might not be a terrible idea either. Once you have a clear idea of what you want to do, the actual work ahead will become a lot easier. It would just be a simple case of following along with what you have projected in front of you. This entire might end up being somewhat tedious, so it’s just a matter of lessening the tediousness! 

Remove Everything 
The first actual step you’ll want to take is to remove everything from your closet and drawers. Just declutter the whole place. When everything is completely removed, you’ll have a better chance of making improving it all due to your newly-formed blank canvas. If you were to take a few pieces out and then redo it all bit by bit; not only will it take longer and be more arduous, but the chances of making errors will probably increase, too. 
Removing everything also gives you the opportunity to discard anything that you don’t want anymore. You’ve probably kept a few things for too long, and thinking about changing up your look – this would be a great time to sort everything out.

Make It Easy On The Eyes 
When you have a blank canvas to play around with, it can become very easy to want to make something completely unique and special. In doing this, lots of people tend to go crazy and overcomplicate. Don’t just lump it all together – that defeats the entire object. Also, think about some of the extras: do you want plastic hangers or would wooden clothes hangers go with the entire design better?  

Don’t Overdo It  
Keep things relatively simple. There’s no need to do anything special here. You might want to start out and create something that nobody has ever done before, but that might just cause more problems. Overdoing it might even cause damage to some of the expensive clothes and accessories you have stored there. Enjoy the clearness and clarity – simple is pretty.  

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