Do your looks really matter?

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It’s true that looks aren’t everything. A person’s mind and everything else about them is so much more important in this world. That said, though, looks do matter a little, huh? Not in the shallow sense of needing to be beautiful to everyone, but for a few deeper reasons. 

We, as a species, know all about how important aesthetics are. It dates back thousands of years; back before people were even aware of what they were actually doing. People have always tried to make themselves look good enough for something or someone, and that will continue to be the case for a very, very long time. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing can and will be discussed freely for millennia.  Whether you like it or not, looks do come into the majority (if not all) of people’s thoughts. First impressions, second impressions, and pretty much the entirety of someone’s judgment includes what’s on the outside. Why should you put a little effort into what you look like and how you dress? Well, if you have a couple of minutes, then have a little read further and see why it’s a pretty important and significant aspect of life:  

Your Looks Represent What’s Going On Inside
You may not realize, but your dress sense and your overall look say a lot about your personality. With your clothes, you don’t even have to open your mouth, and people will get to know you a little bit. Sure, when someone is wearing an outlandish outfit, or happily showing off bright colors, then you’ll probably see them as confident. The smaller details tell a lot, too. Every piece of clothing you wear tells people something about what you’re thinking.   

You’re Going To Be In This Body For A While!
You certainly are. You don’t get to jump into anyone else’s – this isn’t a fictional world, unfortunately. You may as well make the most of what you’ve got. Sooner or later, you’re going to take a look at yourself and want to improve. This isn’t a problem; it’s a completely natural feeling. You might want to do what you can to create the best possible image of yourself! A new style, a cleaner hairdo, botox injections for when your age is ticking on a little – there are millions of little things you can do. 

Your Feelings Matter 
Following on a little from the previous point, your entire life can be affected by what you look like. Insecure people suffer from this kind of thing all of the time, but this isn’t what we’re aiming for here. If your outfit is on point, then you get that sudden boost of happiness and self-esteem. If you put on an outfit and it isn’t quite what you expected, then the opposite can happen, and it can annoy you all day. 

People’s Opinions Don’t Matter, But They Do Sort Of! 
Looks matter to others whether you like it or not. It may sound harsh & it’s such a tricky topic to discuss but we’re being judged every single day. If you want the job of your dreams, then you’re probably going to have to dress accordingly. You can’t show up looking like you just rolled out of bed in wrinkled clothes and unbrushed hair. No your appearance doesn’t reflect how you can/will perform at your job but it can tell a future employer how seriously you could take the job. If you can’t maintain looking decent/take pride in your appearance for a job interview how do they know you’ll take pride in their company? Do you want your crush to notice you? Yes looks fade and they aren’t everything but no one is going to be attracted to someone who doesn’t take care of themselves. I’m not saying wear a ton of makeup or wear certain clothes but you have to care about yourself; not for others but for you. Overall I personally thing self confidence is everything, if you feel good, you stand a little taller, your smile is a little wider; it sounds cheesy and cliche but others pick up on your energy and if you’re giving off the vibes of the best you, then it will shine through. Don’t conform to what you think you need to look like based on what you see on tv or on social media, dress for you, feel good for you & others will take notice!

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