Fall Prep (it’s never too soon)

My favorite time of year is on it’s way! If you guess fall then you would 100% accurate! There are so many things I love about fall, for starters college football is back, can I get an amen?! Yours truly’s birthday is during the fall, it’s September which some might not consider “fall” but I like to think September kicks off the fall-is vibes. Moving along to some of the crucial faves of fall, let’s talk comfort food & cozy outfits. I’m ready to be wrapped up in a cute sweater with a bowl of chili in my hands. Anyone else?!

With the fall months are fast approaching, which is why now is the perfect time to start planning your perfect cozy looks for the season. Even though it’s one of the hottest month I’ve been keep my eyes and ears on the prowl to help you pick the best fall essentials this year!

As is the case at any time of the year, there are several features to consider. In addition to looking your best, you deserve to feel your best. Meanwhile, you should be acting in a practical fashion and satisfying your budget requirements. 

When it comes to your beauty and skincare products, many of the items that were enjoyed in March and April can make another appearance. However, you will need to think about the potential damage caused by cold winds, which is why you need to hydrate the skin with moisturizers. Chapsticks are equally crucial at this time. 

Exfoliating is another crucial step for your daily routines, and will go a long way to protecting the skin. My secret weapon for maintaining a great look during this time, however, is to use hand sanitizer. Carry this around with you at all times and use it whenever you come into contact with dirt and debris. Especially after pumping gas or shopping, carts & baskets carry so many germs. You will not regret it being prepared with a splash of sanitizer.

Affordable fashion is a priority in the fall, not least because the expensive period is just around the corner. Outerwear for women will be top of the agenda for long days and evenings where the weather could change drastically over the course of a few hours. Practical solutions that boast the versatility to suit a number of occasions and settings are highly advised. 

As for stylistic trends, moody floral patterns will be a hot talking point this fall. Leather, plaid patterns, and faux fur are all great additions for this period. However, real fur will be far less desirable due to changing social mindsets. When dealing with colors, grays will be a big hit while leopard print is set to enjoy a resurgence. 

In truth, the accessories are sure to play a key role. Umbrellas will be needed for functional purposes and can become a huge part of the ensemble. I believe that satchels boasting waterproof properties are sure to be a big hit this fall too. Bold autumnal colors such as reds and oranges are sure to bring outfits to life with a burst of fresh energy. This is something consumers can truly embrace with both arms. 

I’m sure that I’m not the only person to fear looking bad in the fall months due to flu and minor illnesses. This is the perfect time to start putting your health first. Building the immune system, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated and staying active to sweat out the sickness before symptoms show will help. They say looking good makes you feel good, but the inverse is equally true.  Start making the right preparations right away, and you’ll be sure to look and feel your best throughout this time. It will be the best fall season ever!

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