Fall Basics

Fall Basics

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It’s the end of September, officially fall yet it still feels like the middle of July around my area.  I saw the other day Christine from hellofashionblog post on her Instastories that it was snowing super close to where she lives which is Utah.  I know Florida is hella far away form Utah but I’m still uber jealous! I’ve literally only seen snow one time but I’m not even sure it really counts because it was such a light flurry when I was in college at the University of Alabama.  I was walking to class and was like what the hell is this.  I went to Chicago last year at the end of October/first part of November thinking for sure I get to see snow….yeah right.  It was freezing but no snow until literally the day after I left.  I know you’ve probably read a million and one post already about every other bloggers fall must haves but this guide is just about the basic. Pieces that are super versatile.  Not that I don’t love a good statement coat and crazy patterned sweater but everyone needs those staple/foundation pieces in their closet.  Before I get to basics guide I have to give myself a shameless plug incase you weren’t aware yet but my online shop is officially open for business sieboutique.com I have a tab at the top of the blog that takes you straight to it! I’m so excited to be launched and I can’t thank everyone for their support and kind words through the launch.  I have some great basics in the shop, THIS long sleeve t-shirt dress being one of them!

When it comes to fall/winter fashion I am such a jeans/legging girl.  I will wear a dress on occasion but unless I can wear a super high boot I feel weird not being super tan.  Dark washes of denim and black denim are my go-tos.  I will wear white jeans from time to time but when it comes to super light wash denim I won’t and to be honest I personally don’t even really like light wash denim at all.  I don’t know why but I’ve never thought it looked right on me.  I swear by Joe’s jeans or Old Navy jeans.  I know they’re like two totally ends of the spectrum but those are the two brands that I can always find that fit me perfectly! Either those two brands or THESE from my shop.  And no I’m not just saying that because they’re from my shop, they are seriously so flattering and fit like a glove! I was skeptical because I had never heard of the brand before but once they arrived myself and a few of my girlfriends fell in love! I’ve got some new styles coming in so keep your eyes pealed! I know a lot of girls totally frown upon wearing leggings as pants but I’m sorry they’re freaking comfy and I totally rock them with anything oversized.  I will say that you kind of want to invest a little in a leggings just so they don’t peal (you know the cotton beading up) and you don’t want them to be semi see-through/shear.  Some good cheap leggings I’ve found at Target (you have to be careful they aren’t shear) and at TJMaxx.  I know everyone swears by LuLulemon and I know they’re great but I personally don’t own any.  The Zella brand from Nordstrom I’ve heard are great and the price point is a little easier on your wallet.  I have a few pairs from Sweaty Betty that I swear by, they’re a bit of a splurge like Lululemon but totally worth it.

I live for a good oversized cardigan/sweater.  I’m petite but I love the look and feel of oversized.  I know boys totally don’t get it because they can’t really see a women’s shape but whatever, girls dress for other girls anyways…and to be comfy.  I love to keep it simple when it comes to prints on sweaters and cardigans and even jackets.  Don’t get me wrong I do love a bold pattern.  You can style basic colors a million different ways and if you really need to make a pop add in a fun scarf, crazy shoe or layer with a fun patterned button-down underneath a sweater or cardi.  Fall is all about layering so having a bunch of basic tees & long sleeves is key.  THIS v-neck is so unbelievably soft, is under $25 & comes in 2 colors!

When is comes to fall accessories it’s all about finding the perfect scarf.  (THIS one comes in 5 different colors & is only $35.) I personally want something super soft, oversized (I love the look) and I like to have a darker color.  I love a white or cream but I don’t know how girls wear them and don’t get makeup or food on it.  I don’t trust myself.  I’ve gotten super picky about hats over the years.  I love a good baseball hat but when it comes to “fashion” hats I like a kind of wide brim, not too wide, I don’t want it to be floppy at all. I love the look on other girls but for me it’s a no go.  I look back at pictures when I have worn them and I cringe.  I have a black rancher hat from the Brooklyn Hat Company that I got last year that’s my ride or die!

What style guide would be complete without shoes.  I can’t even lie I have a pair of Frye riding boots that I live in during fall/winter.  I have more than enough cute boots, booties and slides/loafers but my Fryes are just go fave.  I couldn’t link the exact pair because I’ve had mine for a few years but THESE & THESE are the closest I could find. I love that they’re made to look worn in, they’re the perfect shade of cognac so they match everything and they so freaking comfortable.  As with everything in this guide I like to keep to the basics and make sure I have solid colors that way I can get more use out of them but I will say that leopard is the one pattern that has become a neutral which is why I have a pair of leopard booties from French Connection & a pair of faux fur Tory Burch flats (mine are from last season but THESE are the newest leopard TB) that make the cut for “basics” on my list.

I’ll be sharing some of my favorite trendier/more statement pieces in up coming post but I just wanted to remind y’all that just because the season is changing doesn’t mean you have to break the bank and buy a completely new wardrobe, sometimes keeping it simple is best.

p.s. sorry I didn’t make a college for this post I honestly wasn’t really feeling a college, I have a love/hate relationship with them and today I just wasn’t feeling their vibe but I did provide links and clickable images for you to shop from the post or just to browse and peek at my fall basics!


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