SxS take on this years Pantone colors

sxs pantone color of the year

sxs pantone color of the year

sxs pantone color of the year

sxs pantone color of the year

sxs pantone color of the year

sxs pantone color of the year

sxs pantone color of the year

sxs pantone color of the year

sxs pantone color of the year

To think I almost got rid of these sandals…they’re literally the exact shade of this years PANTONE color of the year “Greenery“.

sxs pantone color of the year

sxs pantone color of the year

Happy Friday! I feel like I say this every Friday but seriously thank goodness it’s the weekend because this girl is running on empty and needs a few days of recharging her batteries.  As tired as I am I’m super excited for this months SxS post! If you’re new around here let me fill you in on what SxS is.  Style X Style is a monthly series where myself & the glitter gang as I call them given that all of their blogs have the word glitter in it.  Amanda from For the Love of Glitter, Lacey from The Glitter Gospel, Victoria from A Gallon of Glitter and myself pick a style, color or theme that we want to talk about and we all style an outfit around that months chosen topic.  This month we’re talking about this years PANTONE colors.  There are more than just one color from the PANTONE Fashion Color Report but Greenery is THE color of the year.  Greenery is a tangy yellow-green that speaks to the need to explore, experiment and reinvent.  Sounds awesome right? The shade, amazing.  Trying to find this color in stores, next to impossible. Luckily for me, I already had a pair of sandals that I’ve actually had for a couple of years (I almost actually donated them but something told me not to) and I also had these palm print shorts I got like 2 years ago from boohoo.  I almost bought THIS adorable pair that had a bow in the front even though they aren’t the exact shade of green because they’re too cute.  My palm print screams spring so it was decided, I was going to obviously wear the sandals since they were a dead ringer and the color was hard to find around my city and even online it was hard because I even though the site said it was the PANTONE color it just didn’t look the same & I wasn’t willing to risk ordering it.  I wanted to wear the palm shorts because it was a nice print that had different shades of green and also two colors that looked almost identical to two other PANTONE colors, the Pink Yarrow (the magenta/fuchsia pink color & Island Paradise (the teal/light blue color). I had just gotten THESE beaded fuchsia earrings from Baublebar that looked like the Pink Yarrow so of course I knew I needed to incorporate them into the look and to top it off I was searching for a purse and my pink fur clutch was staring at me like please pick me….I’m still so in love with her that I figured what the heck.  My outfit practically put itself together without me hardly having to think. Another one of my favorite online stores to find affordable pieces is StyleWe! They have THIS adorable pair of gingham shorts with daisy’s on them…I need them for Spring! StyleWe has the cutest cheap blouses, I usually hate to use the word cheap because sometimes that implies that they aren’t good quality but I think the word cheap grabs your attention! Amiright?! I like to stay on trend and not break the bank, I love being about to find low priced blouses that are still on trend and plus I like for people to be able to recreate my looks and not go broke doing it.

As much as I love shopping I also love being able to take pieces I already have in my closet and repurposes them from season to season.  I don’t like the feeling that I sometime get of having to completely throw out last springs faves just because they’re last season.  Quite frankly I like recycling my clothes, it helps me save money & it helps me get creative by showing different ways to wear a piece.  It never seems to fail as soon as I get rid of something and think oh I’ll never wear this or this is so last season… the next week I’ll see the same thing I just donated back in stores & in magazines like it’s the hottest thing.  Sometimes it’s safe to hold on to certain things.

Ya’ll be sure to check out Amanda, Victoria & Lacey’s looks featuring this years PANTONE color of the year!

SxS pantone color of the year

p.s. I took these photos the day before I cut my hair….so looking at these photos I’m like OMG my hair was long and I just chopped it.   I wasn’t even really sure I wanted a change, I was looking on Pinterest for inspiration but wasn’t feeling anything.  I sat down in the chair and was like no, it’s time.  I just feel it.  Let’s do it! I’m excited for the change. Something a little fresh for spring.

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Since a view of my pieces aren’t from this season I’ve found super similar ones so you can recreate my look!

palm print shorts / light blue knit sweater / Baublebar Clover Drop earrings / leather sandals HERE & HERE / fur clutch mine is from Target & also comes in black so check your local stores to see if it’s on clearance!


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  1. 2.3.17
    Courtney said:

    This outfit has me seriously craving Spring!! Such a cute print and I love how you incorporated this fun color into your look!


  2. 2.5.17

    I’m so loving your outfit!! I like how you styled it with your green sandals.

  3. 2.5.17

    What a great collaboration! I love seeing how differently everyone styled the color, and it’s a great way to expose your readers to new bloggers out there. Thanks for sharing!

  4. 2.5.17
    Amanda said:

    Those sandals are literally the perfect shade of green – good thing you didn’t get rid of them 😉 You have me craving Spring with those shorts! Send some warm weather up here 🙂

    Amanda ||

  5. 2.5.17
    Maggie said:

    Those shorts are so sticking cute!! I am excited to start wearing spring clothing soon!

  6. 2.5.17
    Tami said:

    I do like the color for 2017. I am loving your look just as much.

  7. 2.6.17

    LOVE your take on this – you made it so fun and tropical. I haven’t thought about putting those colors together, so thanks 🙂
    Southern Elle Style

  8. 2.6.17
    Victoria said:

    I LOVEEEEE these shorts and the shoes! Still can’t believe how difficult it was to find that shade of green!!


  9. 2.8.17
    Lacey said:

    This is seriously so cute! Love that you did the sweater! Jealous of your florida weather and tan legs!