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Happy Friday!!! I’m so happy the weekend is here, I plan on catching up on some much needed r&r and can be found in slippers on the couch with Addison snuggled watching Netflix finishing up The Crown.  I wanted to share a few of the things I’m currently living in and obsessed with! Does anyone else hit like a brick wall every time they walk into their closet when January rolls around or is it just me?  It’s like I just want to be cozy and prepare for Spring.  The beginning of the year is always cold and rainy which might be the issue, that or I’m over seeing coats and boots by now.  Not that it’s been really been too cold around my area but still, the idea of coats and boots has been around since Sept/October-ish.  Lately I’ve been living in Joe’s jeans…seriously within the past two months I’ve accumulated more pairs from the brand than I care to admit.  I used to not really be a jean snob until I put on a pair of Joe’s.  THIS sweater from h&m has been my ride or die. I have it in a few colors so I don’t feel weird about wearing it over & over since it’s a different color.  Oversized sweaters in general have been my go-to, they’re just so easy and I don’t really have to think too much which is awesome and since the the weather hasn’t been too cold I’ve been living in a variety of my many colors of slides.  Moto jackets have been my must have whenever I’m going out, I have THIS one that I got like 2 years ago but they keep bringing it back because it’s so awesome & it’s currently on sale for $60! I’ve also have a green suede one from my shop sieboutique that I’ve been super wearing, gotta represent your brand!

I’ve mentioned it a few times but black has become one of my go-to colors for accessories, THESE Sam Edelman pumps are the first things I’ve been grabbing lately, for pumps they’re so comfortable it’s crazy how comfy and this black rancher hat, so easy and black just instantly looks cool and chic.  Speaking of hats, I have a new fave outside my Alabama hats, it’s a stone washed grey baseball cap from Brandy Melville that says bad hair day…literally so perfect.  Sticking within the theme of black, I of course had to get a new phone case….I switch out like every couple of months and Sonix cases I’ve come to accept are my thing, I’ve too many to count, the one I’m currently using is black & white swans!
I’ve updated a few staples: I have a gold MK watch I’ve always worn, lately I’ve been wearing the same MK watch but in silver, a subtle change.  Same goes for my shades.  I’ve always grabbed my gold framed RayBan aviators but lately my black framed RayBan aviators have been living in my purse.  Said purse also makes this list, it’s my faux deer print from Barrington Gifts, it’s so spacious and easy for me to throw my life in it and go.  I use to switch out because my Longchamp totes but THIS one currently has my heart.
On the makeup front I’ve been trying out so many new products which has been so fun but has also showed me what I’ve known all  along, minimal is best, at least for myself.  Outside of testing out new products I’ve been keeping it pretty fresh faced & swear by THIS eye cream, I’ve mentioned it before but I keep mine in the fridge so when I get out of the shower I can dap a little under my eye which is so refreshing in the morning.  One thing I have to share and y’all this isn’t sponsored but THESE Vaseline lip tins are amazing.  I’ve been using the Rosy lips for a few months and it’s so moisturizing.  I tend to only use it at night or right before I leave the house, I’m just weird about applying lip balm with my finger when I’ve been out and about.  Brian started using it a few weeks ago when it was actually really cold and asked if they had other kinds.  I just bought the original and the aloe and they are both just as amazing! Just throwing that out there if y’all are on the hunt for something that actually works!

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  1. 1.20.17
    Courtney said:

    Love your selections babe!! Especially that black hat and striped sweater!! So cute!


  2. 1.20.17

    adore those slide sandals!! i still need to try that vaseline lip balm-thanks for reminding me!
    Southern Elle Style

  3. 1.21.17

    You have some great selections listed! Most of them I can’t go without.

  4. 1.24.17
    Brenda said:

    Such a perfect wardrobe essentials round up! I think I need to get a bold pair of statement earrings. I have been zero into jewelry lately, but a bold pair of earrings may do the trick for the extra umph!
    Barefoot in LA | Instagram | Bloglovin’ | Facebook | Pintrest