Breaking down my must have sleepwear

They say the older you get the more your taste change….was the person who said this referring to taste in pajamas? Maybe not but let’s pretend they were because let me tell y’all I used to only sleep in a giant tee shirt, still one of my favorites. I used not be able to sleep with pants on, like it was so uncomfortable, the pant legs would bunch up or I would get too hot….I should also mention that I don’t sleep with the top sheet on my bed for these exact reasons, I get tangled & too hot. Guess it would help if I had a nice cool mattress from someplace like Leesa, but I don’t. I’m weird, I know. It seemed inevitable that at christmas time I would get some pajama set usually from my grandparents because hell they didn’t know my sleep struggles like my parents did and every year I would stuff it in the back of my drawers and never wear them. I was also a tomboy for most of my life so the thought of cute anything especially sleepwear was stupid to me. I didn’t need the boogie man to see me in a matching set…hello très embarrassing. I would say in the past handful of years I’ve upped my sleeping wear game, no clue why either. Silk Pajamas are literally my life, I have a leopard set that was I think what changed my mind about sleeping in pants. I still can’t sleep in flannel pants, flannel at night is just too much. I’ve accumulated so many pajama sets that it’s slightly embarrassing but it’s like a guilty pleasure, like why not look cute when you’re lounging, the definition of effortless comfort. 😉

Current favorite flannel sets like this festive pair I’m wearing! I bought these sole for the cute little car with the tree on top! My Christmas theme for my living room & most of my house is kind of rustic-ish if that’s even the right word. I have a bunch of these little cars on my tree and as decoration around the house and it reminds me of Christmas Vacation, literally one of my favorite movies of all time, if you haven’t ever seen it, you HAVE to watch it it’s hilarious! I can quote 99% of it!

Last year I tried out wearing the thermal pajamas and they’re amazing! They’re more lightweight feeling than the flannel but still equally as comfy! I fell in love with this fair isle print, they super Christmasy without being too over the top! I usually am not a fan of super tight fitting clothing particularly around the ankles but I love these! My exact print is sold out with the green details but they have it in pink & it’s just as cute if not cuter!

Story time! I have terrible insomnia like seriously it’s so bad! I’ve tried every trick in the book outside of going to the doctor to have a sleep study done on me or two get meds. I don’t like taking medicine even when I’m sick I always try to let my body heal on it’s own before taking anything so the only way I’ll take anything aside from melatonin will be as a last resort. I’m going to skip every trick I’ve tried and tell y’all that despite what you might think sleeping with an eye mask can help. I know a lot of people who disagree and say to make sure all the lights are out in your room and let your eyelids act as your mask and maybe they’re right maybe the whole eye mask thing is just a placebo making my brain think it’s actually doing something when in fact it as no direct correlation to me sleeping better. Whatever the truth is I have silk mask in my bedside table and while I don’t always sleep with it on I have noticed it helps. If you think I’m crazy then I have to say they make some super cute mask out there that make for the cutest gift or just for you to have…girls are the queen of having super cute things that have no purpose.

I saved the best for last! From the moment I roll out of bed to the first step out of the shower, I’m in slippers. Not that anyone likes for their feet to be cold, I just take precautions to avoid it at all cost by constantly wearing slippers or some sort of sock around the house. Brian calls me a grandma because the second I get home I take off my shoes and put on slippers. It baffles me how he doesn’t like to wear them as often as I do, we have hard would floors so I know his feet have to get chilly. Addison has taken up a love for them as well….you can find one or more of mine (not a match of course) either under my desk or near Addi’s toy bin.

Who’s ready to get cozy & curl up with a good book or have a Netflix binge sesh?!

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  1. 12.6.16

    Ugh this is so cute! Love all your pics! I feel like I live in Pj’s and workout clothes lately! Busy bee!



  2. 12.6.16
    Courtney said:

    This is such a cute post!! Love all your pj picks! these would make some really great gifts too!


  3. 12.6.16

    These pjs are all just so darn cute! Need a new pair of thermals for this year!
    xx, Bri ||

  4. 12.6.16

    wearing my ugg slippers right now!! my feet get so cold in the winter!!
    Southern Elle Style

  5. 12.6.16
    Maggie said:

    Such cute PJs! I too have trouble with wearing layers and even the top sheet when sleeping!

    Maggie //

  6. 12.6.16
    Steph said:

    Oh this is so cute! I am always looking for an excuse to buy new pajamas because can you really have too many? These are so cute.

    Steph || @trendyinindy

  7. 12.7.16
    Dasha said:

    You look so cute and comfy in the thermal pajamas.