feeling 22…pairs of loafers

When I went to vote I wore these adorable studded suede loafers, see Insta.  I got so many compliments on them which of course made me feel great, I mean sure it was from a bunch of elder people but whatever I’ve always connected with the older souls.  Since I got my pair at the end of last year I wasn’t able to find them but while I was looking I kept coming across multiple pairs that I loved I had to even stop myself because before I knew it I was at 22 pairs.  Naturally Taylor Swift’s feeling 22 song immediately popped into my head.  Since I found so many that I liked I thought I would share them y’all!

Ok first up is the classic loafer.  I have two pairs of Cole Haan loafers that I’ve been rocking since high school. Not literally the same exact pairs but the same classic style.  When I think loafers I totally associate Cole Haan with it, they’re iconic.


When I was in NYC for fashion week in September it seemed like every time I looked at the ground I saw nothing but Gucci.  Gucci slides & heeled loafers.  I was obviously super envious, A) I was in heels that I did not break in before I got there so my feet were killing me and B) have you ever seen a pair of Gucci shoes you didn’t love? Yeah me either.  When I went looking for loafers I found not only the Gucci’s I love but some great dupes!


What’s more fun than adding a twist to a classic?  Glitter, metallics, pearls, leopard count me and the rest of the girl population in!


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  1. 11.9.16
    Mary said:

    OH MY WORD! I want them all! Those pink ones from ASOS are a dream and so affordable! Loving all your picks!