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Happy Friday!! This has been one of the most productive weeks for me which is is something I was in desperate need of.  I’m going to attribute most of it from actually being able to sleep through the night. For the past few years I’ve slept terrible on and off, I don’t know if you would classify it as insomnia or what but my mind could never shut off, I could’t get comfortable at night and I would wake up constantly.  I tried all the tricks I could find online I even tried taking a sleep aid, Melatonin but nothing seemed to help and everyone kept telling me subconsciously I had something on my mind but I didn’t.  I would stress myself out over not being able to sleep.  It’s been a vicious cycle but this week something has been different and I’ve been sleeping amazingly! So needless to say I’m in a great freaking mood! It’s Friday, my shop is launched which every time I think about it I literally get little butterflies, I still can’t believe it! I’m sorry if you’re already sick of hearing me talk about it but I can’t stop & today is my StyleXStyle post! This month we’re highlighting corduroy! I know velvet and suede are everyone and I know we all love it….trust me I do too but corduroy is totally getting left out so we wanted to spot light it!

Y’all this week Amanda, Victoria & I have Lacey from The Glitter Gospel joining us!! I’m surrounded by the glitter squad; Amanda – For the Love of Glitter, Victoria – A Gallon of Glitter & Lacey – The Glitter Gospel!

I went with a little corduroy duo because why not! This corduroy vest literally spoke to me when I came across it at market (yes it’s from my shop but no that’s not the only reason I love it) hello…do you see how absolutely perfect it is? I love the golden color of the vest because it will go with absolutely everything, I can totally see it being worn for Thanksgiving it just has that turkey call vibe, don’t cha think?  I swear my pants are corduroy but it’s just really hard to tell because it’s not a really thick cord.  I have a funny story for y’all, back in the day my dad had two pairs of corduroy pants, one was a bright red pair and the other a bright green pair (he only wore them around the holidays) but I used to be so embarrassed when he wore them because I was like omg dad those are so bright.  Like if I was sick and he was the only person that could come pick me up I would try my best to just tough it out because I absolutely did not want him to come to my school and heaven forbid we went to dinner and he wore them, I would walk a few steps behind him.  Looking back on it now my dad had & still does have the cutest preppiest style and actually looked so cute wearing them with his sweater vest.  Sadly the pants were retired a few years ago and while my step mom and siblings are happy they’re gone, I sure do miss them.

Back to my pants, they’re almost like a jegging material so they’re sketchy which is great for holiday eating, they come in a flare leg and in a few colors.  My cowl neck is actually back in stock( I found it in my Target but it’s not online so check your local store!) from last & is perfect for layering.

If you’re unsure if you can pull over the cord, that’s what I’m calling it to try and make it sound cool, be sure to check out how the other ladies styled the ‘roy —see what I did there?! Ok I’m done with the terrible jokes. Be sure to check out my shop Style is Everything Boutique (I have a link to it at the top) & be sure to like us on Facebook. I’m going to announce holiday codes & giveaways & you won’t wan to miss them!!

I hope everyone has a great Friday & an amazing weekend! Brian’s going to be out of town this weekend for his friends bachelor party so I’m taking advantage of binge watching Gilmore Girls without his judging eyes!

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  1. 11.11.16
    Victoria said:

    I love how you styled your corduroy! with the vest and the pants it’s totally corduroy x corduroy haha!


  2. 11.11.16

    Hey, I recognize that vest 😉 I love that you styled corduroy on corduroy! Something I would have never thought of doing.

    Amanda ||

  3. 11.14.16
    Stephie said:

    I love your sweater! Neckline is perfect!