christmas tree oh christmas tree

Ok so I know a lot of people (most of family) does not believe in putting up the Christmas tree or any Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving, the day after is usually the day we start decking the halls.  I totally agree with this except in my office.  Not only have I been in the jolliest of moods lately and why not have decor to match your mood but I also want to help give y’all inspiration for the holidays.

If y’all have been following along with me on Instagram then you remember my mini tree I put up last year! I wasn’t planning on putting it up again this year mainly because my office is a little tight for space this year since it’s not only my office but is my mini showroom for my online boutique sieboutique I just launched and Addison is still in puppy mode so I didn’t want her to get ahold of the ornaments or knock over the tree 😉  I was sitting and thinking all things holiday and went through my bins I have put up in my guest room and I had a rush of ideas and I decide that there had to be a way to put my tree up.  I added a 6 cube storage shelf to organize for my boutique so I decide to set my mini tree on top of it, it’s tall enough that Addison can’t get to it and it doesn’t take up any extra space because it’s sitting on top of a piece that was already in my office, win win!

I’m going to share where I got my decorations and tips for decorating your tree this year! p.s. my big Christmas tree for the living room does not look like this, it’s more rustic which I love! Brian would kill me if I tried to put my mini tree decorations on the big one. I’ll share pictures of it when it goes up and I want to show y’all my moms tree, it’s going to be nautical theme and before you roll your eyes and think tacky, you’re going to die when you see it it’s so classy and so freaking cute.  No it’s not super traditional but tradition is what you make it and not to mention my family lives on the coast so it totally fits our lifestyle!

I’ll start by saying I bought my mini tree from Michael’s, it’s a pre lit 4ft tree and it was super easy to put together, I’m pretty sure it was like 3 pieces and since I used this tree last year it folded up and was easy to store without having to take it apart.  I went with a gold and back them because that’s the theme I have going throughout my office.  I got my ornaments at Hobby Lobby & Target.  Hobby Lobby seriously has the best deals on ornaments especially packs of them.  Instead of linking all my ornaments I’ll coming to tell you where I got everything because since some of mine are from last season and some of them aren’t online, the best thing to do it going to be to in your local stores! Also, try Pier1 I got a bunch of my ornaments for my main tree there!

Hobby Lobby decorations:

  • gold garland
  • 4 large beaded ornaments (they’re shatter proof which is the best thing ever!)
  • gold spiral icicles
  • mini white, clear, silver, gold, glitter ornaments
  • black and gold purse
  • gold reindeer topper

Target decorations:

  • santa
  • nutcracker
  • gold and clear big snowflakes
  • silver reindeer
  • fur poof
  • fur mini stocking
  • merry christmas ball
  • gold & spotted ornaments
  • gold & white triangle ball
  • white with black stripes ball
  • tags

When buying christmas decorations I like to buy in bulk classic pieces like a variety of mini solid ornaments and even like I did with the glitter icicles & large beaded ornaments, you’re going to use multiples of them so buying in bulk just makes more sense.  Unique pieces are what I call the fillers & really make your style shine through. I loved adding the pops of faux fur with the poof & the mini stocking! Something I saw on HGTV was adding things you already have in your Christmas box like gift tags and even bows.  These are things that you can reuse even after you’re over having them hanging in your tree. Who knows if I’ll want to go with this same theme again but since I already have basics I can just swap about my unique pieces and complete transform the entire tree.

Happy Holidays everyone!!

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  1. 11.10.16

    you win – SO CUTE. i love the fur 🙂
    Southern Elle Style

  2. 11.11.16

    The cutest little Christmas tree! I am loving all the gold.

    Amanda ||

  3. 11.11.16
    Charlene said:

    This Christmas tree is SO cute!! I love the idea of using gift tags as ornaments!
    Charlene The Frugal Fashionista

  4. 11.11.16
    Rizza Smith said:

    Wow! This is so beautiful, I want to have a Christmas tree like this! I love all the decoration.

  5. 11.11.16
    Michelle said:

    The cutest tree for Christmas! I love white and gold as holiday decorations–always looks so chic and cozy! I can’t wait for the holidays to come around.