Question, do you think you can you judge someone based on their Instagram feed?  What about their latest Facebook post, tweet or snap?  Maybe judge is the wrong choice of word, can you get a good feel for who someone is based on what they put into the tech world?  Social media, love it or hate it, it’s here to stay.  It’s great for business, great for sharing travel adventures that make everyone #instajealous because we all always want to be on vacation.  Love to eat? Silly question but the question must be asked, if you ate something really amazing does anyone believe you if there’s no proof, where’s the picture?? (which if taken, caused your food to get cold because it took at least 30 shots before you got the perfect Insta worth photo) and of course don’t forget the perfect #ootd shot.  And let me just say that bloggers of all areas have zero shame about getting the perfect shot.



Social media is great for so many things but does it really tell you who a person is behind all the those perfectly placed flat layouts (who really packs that way?). Is 140 characters enough to say everything? And more importantly, do you really know that girl effortless riding her bike into the sunset while wearing heels, (I don’t know who she thinks she’s fooling because I can hardly drive my car while wearing rain-boots much less heels… and on a bike for that matter).  I’m totally not trying to go in-depth about the complex world of blogging, what’s real and what’s not because we all know that not everyones life is as perfect as it’s sometimes portrayed on social media, we all we’re sweatpants, have messy hair (not the cute messy hair as seen in 75 ‘messy top knot’ tutorials) but real crazy, I just walked through a wind tunnel hair and we all don’t have flawless anything.  I’ve always tried to keep my social media accounts as real and as ‘me’ as possible.  I’m not trying to put an image that isn’t me out there but at the same time I post a lot of outfit posts because I want to show you what I love which is styling clothes.  Instagram has been an amazing platform for me to better connect to a bigger audience than just my blog, I love being able to bring Insta-friends over to my blog world which is harder than you’d think.  I like Instagram but I love my blog way more, it’s my baby that I created and I definitely get more personal and in-depth on it than any other social media platform, not only are there no character limits but I feel like the readers I get to my site are those who really care what I have to say.  Instagram is fun, it’s a quick escape from reality.  The blog can be an escape but it’s also so much more.  It’s easy to get swept up in what everyone else is doing but I think (yes it’s about to get super cliche) staying true to yourself is the best route to take.

Here are a few FFs (if you’ve seen Dane Cook then know the reference but for those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about it, FF = fun fact) to give a better glimpse of who I am outside of my Insta-feed.

  1. I don’t loooooove makeup.  I like it and wear it (but not everyday). Yes I’m a fashion blogger (style blogger) whatever you want to call me, I like clothes.  This does not mean I’m equally as obsessed with makeup.  I feel the need to say this because so many times I’m approached by beauty brands to promote/review products for them and I think they assume because I’m into fashion that I know/love makeup.  I don’t.  I know basically zero about makeup & I hardly wear it, even when I do it’s very little, therefore I always decline their offers and refer them to bloggers I know love the whole beauty world.  My makeup bag has maybe 10 things in it. (mascara, foundation, blush, eyebrow pencil, tinted moisturizer (I use during the summer), bronzer, naked 3 eyeshadow palette & a tarte eyeshadow palette.  I’ve recently branched out into the lipstick world, I’m sticking to pinks for now.  I like to wear makeup but just a little, sometimes.  As far as hair is concerned, I like to let my hair air dry for the most part, I may run a straightener through it or through it in a bun or braid.  Again, pretty simple.  The natural look is my signature look (if that’s such a thing).  *disclaimer: this is not a dig at beauty bloggers, I’m in aw at your ability, I was just not born with it.
  2. I graduated college with a Bachelors in Psychology.  I was actually double majored with Psych and Nursing but once I got into Pathophysiology I realized that the nursing route was just not for me.  Hats off to all my doctors and nurses out there!
  3. Brian and I are high school sweethearts. No we’re not married or even engaged for that matter but still, we’re together none the less! I’m hoping to be a Mrs. to him soon 😉
  4. I was a tomboy growing up.  It wasn’t until like junior year of high school did I actually start caring about girly things.  It was a slow process considering I would have rather been outside do anything but painting my nails and practicing braiding hair but look at me now.  Being in a sorority in the south helped out a lot with the makeup/hair introductions…I had lots of great teachers!
  5. I have 4 dogs, not just two.  I have Addison, my sweet little golden retriever which y’all all know about.  Emma, my extremely diva-ish pug, most of y’all know about her too but not everyone knows about Lucy, a Black Mouth Cur I rescued for Brian for his birthday a few years ago and last but not least Tide.  Tide is probably one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met (maybe I’m biased) he’s an Australian Shepard.  Addison and Emma are featured a lot because they’re camera hogs and love to pose. Lucy isn’t a fan of having her picture taken but is an excellent snuggler and then there’s Tide, he is absolutely beautiful, seriously he could & probably should have been show dog, he isn’t photographed a lot because, well…he likes to wiggle.  His nick name is Mr. Wiggles, he loves to dance and wiggle all around so it’s hard to capture him.
  6. My hair used to be down to my bum.  I donated over 15 inches to Locks of Love.
  7. I’ve never eaten a macaroon.  I know. I know, my inner Blair just died.
  8. I’ve never met a stranger.  I can talk to a wall, so basically if we meet we may or may not become instant best friends.
  9. Mexican & Italian food are my favorite.
  10. I didn’t do laundry until I went away to college…well should I say once I moved back home.  This is the one time a having a shopping problem came in handy.

There you have it, a few things you might not have known about me.  I plan on sharing more in up coming post, I didn’t want to bore you to death so I started out short and simple-ish.

To answer my own question, yes & no.  Yes you can get to know someone based on their social media…to a certain degree.  If you’re looking for a quick fun scroll, Instagram is the place.  If you want to get to know the girl behind your favorite photos, check out her blog or youtube channel.  Snapchat (I’m kind of terrible at it) is the best of both worlds, you can connect with your friends, favorite bloggers & celebs to better get to know the real them (as real as it can get without actually having a slumber party).

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  1. 6.24.16
    Darcy said:

    That’s so sweet you are high school sweethearts!!

  2. 6.24.16
    Tamara said:

    It ‘s nice to get to know you a little better. Cute post!


    Tamara –

  3. 6.24.16

    love learning more about you!! snapchat is good for that 😉 so fun about all your pups!
    Southern Elle Style

  4. 6.24.16
    Olivia said:

    Great post idea! I love this so much! You are absolutely amazing. – Style by liv

    • 6.26.16
      Taylor said:

      Thanks Olivia! But you’re the amazing one!!

  5. 6.25.16
    Tami said:

    Hey, we could be friends. I don’t wear much makeup and never have given it enough of my time to ‘figure it all out’. I just celebrated my 21st anniversary to my high school sweetheart. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that marriage proposal you’re holding out for!

    • 6.26.16
      Taylor said:

      Congratulations on 21 years! Thanks so awesome!! And thanks girl!

  6. 6.25.16
    Charlene said:

    I loved reading this post and getting to know you a little bit better. I’m not a big makeup girl either. I have my tried and true routine that I tend to stick to but I am trying to branch out by wearing new (to me) lipstick shades. I think being true to you is awesome and that your readers will love you more for it!!
    Charlene xo
    The Frugal Fashionista

  7. 6.25.16
    Anna said:

    So much fun learning more about you! I am with you on #1. I get the same thing (assumption) all the time and I don’t wear any make-up at all with the exception of lipstick and mascara. I’d love to invest more time in it, but I’m too lazy 🙂 And I donated to LOL last year as well! It’s such a great cause. XO

    Anna || A Lily Love Affair

    • 6.26.16
      Taylor said:

      I love hearing that I’m not the only one who doesn’t wear hardly any makeup!! You’re flawless so you don’t need any!! xo

  8. 6.26.16

    I don’t think Instagram is truly the realest of a person’s life. We all share photos that are prettier than our constant day to day, but I think Instagram is still “real” in the sense that the person posting it experienced it (i.e. photos from travels, pretty makeup, etc.) but the important thing is to know it’s not the ONLY thing this person experiences! xx Adaleta Avdic

  9. 6.29.16
    Olivia said:

    I love this! Instagram is so much fun, but it can be so deceiving! I know I am definitely guilty of only putting my highlights on Instagram. lol

  10. 6.30.16
    Mary said:

    Such a cute post – I was a total Tom boy too! Good thing we grew out of it! 🙂


  11. 6.30.16

    I LOVE this post!!! So good and everyone needs to read it!!!

    Brooke | InaWorldofBees,There’sMe

  12. 7.7.16
    Amanda said:

    This was such a good blog post! I also noticed that you and I have a lot of similarities, which is pretty cool 🙂

    Amanda ||