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As most of y’all know, Brian and I recently added a new ball of fluffy cuteness to our family named Addison! We’ve been looking for quit some time but could never agree on a breed but when we saw her sweet face we both just knew she was meant for us.  Addison is a full golden retriever and seriously the softest little thing ever.  I knew she wasn’t going to stay tiny forever so I immediately started snapping as many pictures as I could…like seriously when I’m a mom to a human baby I’m going to be THAT mom that has a million photos in just a week.

The seasons change not only brought us miss Addi but warmer spring days. Pastels and picnic prints were my jam for this shoot, yes I’m still covered up but covered I’m covered in pastels.  The weather is still a little hit and miss here in my area so I’m sticking to lightweight pieces and layers that I can easier take off.  These baby blue loafers will, I repeat will be in rotation through spring and summer. I cannot wait to have a little tan my legs to really make the color pop.

Addison doesn’t hardly leave my side and it seriously breaks my heart to leave her so I hope y’all don’t get annoyed with seeing her with me because she’s become my new partner in crime so she’ll being making cameos on the blog and Insta!

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boyfriend plaid | olive green pants | blue suede loafers | cross-body

| puppy is not for sale 😉

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  1. 3.18.16
    Karen said:

    Ahhhhh….Addison is ADORABLE! Love that happy puppy face! I barely noticed your outfit! haha… Enjoy all the puppy moments! And keep photos of Addison coming!
    Karen |

    • 4.7.16
      Taylor said:

      Thank you!! I can’t stop snapping pictures!

  2. 3.18.16

    omg I bet!! she is an adorable ball of fur! have fun with the new pup!
    Southern Elle Style

    • 4.7.16
      Taylor said:

      Thank you!! I’m trying to enjoy the puppy stage before she grows out of it!

  3. 3.19.16
    Tami said:

    I love your new “addi”tion to the blog. Such a cutie! It’ll be great until you start wearing dark colors in the fall.

    • 4.7.16
      Taylor said:

      Thank you!! Right, dog hair just loves dark clothing!

  4. 3.20.16
    Amanda said:

    She is seriously the cutest! She looks so soft too! Love this post!

    Amanda ||

    • 4.7.16
      Taylor said:

      Thank you!! Girl she is seriously like snuggling a giant cotton ball!

  5. 3.20.16
    Charlene said:

    Addison is SO cute!!! What an adorable ball of fur!! I love the pastel shoes in your outfit.
    Charlene The Frugal Fashionista

  6. 3.21.16
    Mary said:

    Is it weird that I have been staring at your puppy for like 5 minutes now? I cannot handle the cuteness – congrats on the new addition! PS love the plaid top!


    • 4.7.16
      Taylor said:

      Totally not weird at all! ha! Thank you!!

  7. 3.23.16
    Chandler said:

    OMG Addison….I can’t. Shes the fing cutest! I miss Briar being tiny…take lots of pictures because they grow SO fast!

    • 4.7.16
      Taylor said:

      Thanks girl!! I’m taking like a million pictures a day, I’m a crazy puppy mom who doesn’t want to miss a thing!

  8. 3.24.16
    Cristina said:

    Addison is adorable! Cute photos 🙂