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TGIF! I’ve been riding the struggle bus all week, it’s like the entire week has felt like a Monday, I’m groggy and can’t seem to wake up or feel like doing anything.  To top it off every single day this week I’ve planned to do outfit shoots and it’s rained which is why I resorted to crafting.  If I can’t get outside then why not craft?  I transformed an old globe into what I like to call a global-fash-phenominon.


It’s amazing what a girl can do when you give her some Mod Podge! All I did was take an old globe, cover it will MP, place magazine cutouts all over and seal with Mod Podge sealer and voila! I received quite a few DM’s from people asking me where I got my glitter candle and the truth is I made it as well.  Here’s the link to the tutorial I did earlier in the year on how to craft these glitter candles.

Earlier in the week my best friend of 10+ years who recently moved into a house that’s like a block over from where Brian and I bought a house (I know right, my bestie lives like right by me) asked me to be a bridesmaid.  The excitement I have for my best friend getting married is unexplainable.  We’ve literally been through hell and back, bad boyfriends and going to separate colleges.  Through all life has thrown us we’ve never left each others side and I absolutely love that she has found love! To top of my excitement of being a bridesmaid I found the most adorable and perfect platform heels (I know shoes don’t top a wedding but it was a perfect ending to the perfect day).


Seriously how stinking cute?! I literally died when I walked into SoBo and spotted them! I had been wanted a pair of platform mules but couldn’t never find the perfect pair and quite frankly not having a strap on the back of a platform had me a little nervous so when I saw these I jumped on ’em!

To end on a super sweet moment, I stubbled across this picture of Brian and I from 2008!  My bestie who’s getting married is the one who took this photo which makes it even more special to me, my best friend took a photo of me and the love of my life!  Sorry to get so sappy & I apologize for the poor quality of the photo, it was clearly taken with probably the first generation iPhone. Oh and yes we we’re that tan, no filter needed!



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  1. 8.21.15
    Darcy said:

    I loved those peep toed booties when I saw them on your Insta!!

  2. 8.21.15

    Oh no! I’m sorry to hear you’ve been feeling groggy. Despite not feeling great, I’m obsessed with your globe project! That was such a cute, clever idea. When I’m not feeling well I do much of anything, much less get creative and work on a DIY project. Bravo!

    Cameron Proffitt

  3. 8.21.15
    Adaleta said:

    I love that shot of you and your man from 2008 as it’s super cute & the quality of it just makes it even better because it is an older photo. No need to apologize for the quality when it’s an antique. Super cute & I’m with you on feeling like it was Monday all week….seriously I only look forward to Fridays! I feel bad basically wishing my life away each day of the week but I live for the weekend…I’m sure we all do! xx

  4. 8.21.15
    Anna said:

    LOVE the globe you made! That is such a great idea and a fantastic way to dress up an office. Pinning that one! 🙂 XO


  5. 8.21.15

    1) i need to make a globe like that asap. One of my walls in high school I completely collaged!
    2) yes. I need those shoes! I’ve been dying to find a pair of cut-outs and those are def winners.
    3) super cute xoxoxo
    Southern Elle Style

  6. 8.21.15

    Sooo loving those peep toe shoes! Lovely photos!

    – Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  7. 8.21.15

    Those booties are amazing! And your globe transformation is super fun. Mod Podge gives us special powers!

    Molly | Hey There Sunshine

  8. 8.23.15
    Samantha said:

    I just posted about magazines and Mod Podge the other day!! I love this idea! And hope you had a relaxing weekend 🙂

  9. 8.23.15
    Mary said:

    Girl, I know that struggle bus all too well! On the bright side that globe is amazing and perfect!!! Hope you had a great weekend!


  10. 8.23.15
    Amanda said:

    Those mules are sooooo adorable!! <3
    Amanda |

  11. 8.24.15

    Love the shoes!!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  12. 8.24.15
    Nav Brar said:

    Love the tempted to do something like that myself!

    Nav || Nav K Brar Blog

  13. 8.24.15
    Brooke said:

    What a cute project, love it! My kiddos would have fun doing something like this…totally inspired. I love how you referred to it as the “struggle bus”…I’m on that bus today!

    Brooke | KBStyled

  14. 8.24.15
    Lindsay said:

    Those booties are too cute! I love agood pair of cognac shoes 🙂

    Sugar & Something

  15. 8.25.15
    Brenda said:

    How fun to live close to your BFF. I love that globe you made – too cool!


  16. 8.29.15
    Elle Nel said:

    Awe, it’s great to look back on good times with one you love! Yay for romance and keeping the love between two people strong.
    Have courage,
    Elle | Elleword