ATL Apparel Market

Sunday, the best and worst day of the week.  The best because it’s the Lord’s day but it’s the worst because we’re all just dreading as the clock winds down because we know that Monday is near.  I hope y’all’ve <—- totally did think autocorrect would let that one happen, y’all + have.  It’s been one of those I know I have a million things to do but I’m going to block all of it out and spend time with family and relax, sometimes you just have to step form reality and take time for the little things.  I know for me I’ll run myself into a total frazzled mess if I just keep going non-stop.  Tax free week was the past week (I don’t know if everywhere has it but here in Florida we have several days this year it was an entire 7 days where clothing and things kids need for school are all tax free).  Even though I’m completely done with all my schooling sometimes I’ll treat myself to a little shopping during this time I mean hey, it’s tax free why not?  This year I just couldn’t bare the thought of rummaging through clothes after spending the previous week at the Atlanta Apparel Market.  I never thought I would ever utter these words but I was so beyond over looking at clothes and accessories by the end of it that I thought my eyes were going to cross.  Literally I shopped ’till I dropped.  9am to roughly 6pm every day we were there inside a giant building 13 stories high filled with vendors from all over…I was in heaven! Heaven only lasted for I’d say half of the first day and then it was like OMG I don’t think I can tell the difference between a swing dress and a child’s t-shirt.  If you’ve ever been then you totally get what I’m saying, it’s a lot to handle.  I had a blast don’t get me wrong.  One of my friends from high school who recently opened up a boutique, SoBo invited me to go along with her and another of our friends who had just bought a fashion truck, The Wandering Lilly (I know how stinking cute, a little rolling store).



SoBo is very bohemian chic and The Wandering Lilly is more classic prep meets trendy chicness, two totally opposites but I had a blast being able to help both of them pick pieces for up coming months.  It’s a challenge trying to predict not only which of the up coming seasons trends will actually be a hit but you also have to keep your current consumers in mind as far as what styles they’ve been leaning towards.  Knowing your target market is extremely important but also being able to balance out what you as the owner want to sell in your store.I always thought that when stores when to Market that they just picked out their favorite pieces and sold them…once again I was wrong.  There were several times where I felt like I saved the girls from buying certain pieces that I myself as the consumer would not pay the price that they would have to mark up the garment to to sell.  I love buying good quality pieces and I will spend the extra money but when it’s something super trendy I just can’t see spending a high price for a garment I’ll only wear maybe 2 or 3 times. Having extra eyes with you when you go to Market I noticed was your best accessory.  As I walked around all the floors I saw mothers who owned stores who brought their teenage daughters with them as a voices of reason, not that teenagers have the best judgement but if your target market is them then who better to ask.

If you follow me on snapchat then you saw some inside look at Market and you saw Bob popping up everywhere.  For those of you who didn’t see all that, I have this little stuffed Bob the minion toy that I bought for Brian like a month ago when he was sick it was just a little gag cheer him up gift but I decided to take Bob with me to Market kind of like the roaming gnome.  I had fun hiding Bob all around the vendors, inside jacket pockets, in the rolling racks…literally everywhere.  

A little glimpse into Bob’s adventures at ATL Market




I took a few business classes in college specially related to apparel so I thought I had a good grasp on exactly what it took to run a boutique, boy was I wrong.  Seeing what my friends go through at Market several times a year, the behind the scenes work that takes place after their stores take and how mental draining playing dress up and shopping really is (I only had a weeks dose of it) my hats are off to all the business owners out there!

p.s. After my Market experience I can never look at shopping the same, knowing how much stores buy clothes for and then mark them up, I mean I totally get the reasoning behind it but now that I know I have a completely different perspective and it makes me want to shop local even more!

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  1. 8.17.15
    Karen said:

    HOW nice that you all had 7 days of tax-free fun. In Ohio we just had the weekend and it was like a Black Friday type of scene. Terrible. But… oh well! And how cute with Bob – those photos are so hilarious!!
    xx, Karen

  2. 8.17.15

    WOW I wish that I could’ve attended Market!! My employers have always attended, but I never knew what it looked like! Looks like a blast!
    xx Bri

  3. 8.17.15

    I know, right? I love Sundays because I get stuff done, but it also makes me super sad to go into the work week. that little minion is so fun!!
    Southern Elle Style

  4. 8.17.15
    Addie said:

    As much as I love clothes, I’d be very tired of looking at them, too! It looks like you and Bob had a great time at market! =)

  5. 8.17.15
    Adaleta said:

    Tax free…lucky you! There is no such thing as tax free over here but every time I go to Delaware, I buy as much as I possibly can fit into my suitcase. Loving all of your pictures! xx

  6. 8.18.15

    Sounds like you had such a great time! So glad I get to live it vicariously through this post. Thanks for sharing!!

  7. 8.18.15
    Amanda said:

    This looks so cool!! And those photos of Bob are so cute! (I just saw “Minions” last night!). I completely agree tho – I can’t fathom how much clothes are so marked up!!

    Amanda |

  8. 8.18.15
    Darcy said:

    ooo how fun!! Also totally agree that sunday is the best day but the evening is so the worst because it means the weekend is over jaha!

  9. 8.18.15
    Cailyn said:

    I definitely agree with you, it takes SO much more than what we normally think it does to run a business, especially boutiques.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. 8.18.15
    Amanda said:

    Wow! 7 days of tax free on clothing?! That’s insane! Here in Iowa it only lasts for 3 days! I was laughing at Bob on snapchat, too funny!

    Amanda ||

  11. 8.18.15
    Samantha said:

    I was there on Sunday! It was seriously SO overwhelming and quite possibly one of the coolest things I’ve ever been to! Love the Minion 😉

  12. 8.18.15
    Brooke said:

    Wow, what a fun experience but I can understand how you felt overwhelmed! So nice that you got to get a full market experience.

    Brooke | KBStyled

  13. 8.18.15
    Mary said:

    Wow! That looks amazing! I would have gone bananas!


  14. 8.18.15
    McKenna said:

    Omg that market looks so overwhelming! I’ve been to one market in Vegas before and literally thought my legs were gonna fall off after all that walking! xo

  15. 8.18.15

    Wow this looks INSANE! I’m with you, though, I’m not sure I could handle seeing the markup that stores do haha.

    Valery Brennan

  16. 8.19.15
    Chandler said:

    OMG that minion is too stinking cute…isn’t market a whirlwind? I remember the first time I went to Atlanta Mart..I was exhausted for 2 days after it! It’s insane the markup they do too!

  17. 8.26.15

    Wow! That looks insane! I’m overwhelmed just looking at it. I totally giggled at the ‘swing dress’ vs ‘childs tshirt’ comment too, haha.