bow detail

If you couldn’t tell from the photos the back of this dress is the entire reason I fell in love with it…hello there’s a bow! Boots and sundresses are a southern girls go-to and the fact that this dress is denim makes it super transitional from season to season and…

short sleeve sweater

I’ve been slightly obsessed with the button up the middle denim skirts, very 70’s chic, my only issue with them is that fact that it’s a denim skirt.  Denim skirts just don’t look right on me, I don’t know what it is about them but I just can’t pull them…

black, white & leopard

Q: What’s black, white and leopard? A: The perfect outfit! Clearly I’m not taking the no white after labor day rule to heart, this is my second offense and I don’t see my rebellious streak ending anytime soon.  Oversized handbag…check.  Oversized cardigan…check.  I’m all set to look like a chic hobo.…