Take a Little Me Time

Everybody is talking about self care. If it isn’t self care, then it’s ‘me-time’. It seems that we are finally waking up to the fact that we do need to take care of ourselves, that we must consistently prioritize our wellbeing. We cannot keep pushing ourselves twenty-four seven and expect…

How to be a Better You in 2020

The new year is coming, and that means that the new decade is also nearly here. Yes I said it NEW DECADE, that is so crazy for me to say. This can be a great time to reflect, to consider personal milestones, and to also consider the future. However, none…

How to Know if Plastic Surgery is Right for You?

Plastic surgery, like any invasive treatment, can have its risks, and whether you want a small procedure or a bigger one, the decision you make has to be one that you’re definitely sure of. Here’s how to know if plastic surgery is right for you. You’ve Done Your Research Doing…