the perfect flares

When someone ask me what my style is it’s hard for me to fit everything I love into just one genre, I like what I like and each day it differs but I have to say that the laid back style of the 70’s seem to suit me pretty well.…

flared out

I swear I was born in the wrong era, 70’s fashion is so my thing and I’m so happy that it’s in right now! ☮ Flared everything is the theme of this outfit, I love it! I’m petite but I die for wide legged denim & a giant sleeve. Kind…

laid back + spring layers

As happy as I am that warm weather is here (and believe I am) the beach will be an every weekend thing, I just can’t help but have a little separation anxiety from layering up.  It’s such a vicious cycle, when it’s cold we wish for warmer days and when…