How to Travel in Style Like A Celeb

When I travel I’m always dressed super comfy, not rolling out of the bed pjs comfy but more boyfriend jeans and a comfy cardigan because it’s always cold on the plane. Lately I’ve been doing more traveling, more driving than flying but the comfort concept is virtually the same and…

flared out

I swear I was born in the wrong era, 70’s fashion is so my thing and I’m so happy that it’s in right now! ☮ Flared everything is the theme of this outfit, I love it! I’m petite but I die for wide legged denim & a giant sleeve. Kind…

festival style

Happy Monday! Here’s the thing about Mondays, most people hate them, it’s the end of the weekend, you’re tired, not prepared for whatever you put off from last week and there never seems to be enough coffee to wake you up.  The thing about Mondays are that if we didn’t…