Your Ideal Closet is a Capsule Closet

We all have so many more items in our closet than we need. In fact, we are living in a world of fast fashion, low prices, and a throw-away attitude. But what happens when you cut back on buying clothing for the sake of it, and instead, we buy select…

Fall Prep (it’s never too soon)

My favorite time of year is on it’s way! If you guess fall then you would 100% accurate! There are so many things I love about fall, for starters college football is back, can I get an amen?! Yours truly’s birthday is during the fall, it’s September which some might…

red & white gingham romper

It’s officially summer & I’m loving it!! I’ve been hitting the beach since about May, one of the many perks to living in a beach town.  Even though I’m no longer in school and summer isn’t a break from anything really (one of the many none perks of being in…