Color Co-ordinating

Many people can be shy about introducing bold colors into their outfits. You can’t go wrong when sticking to neutrals, which is why so many people dress neutrally. However, color can help you to stand out and make outfits a lot more exciting. Use pops of color The simplest way…

Styles. Trends. Oh My.

When the seasons change so do the styles…duh right?! Trying to keep up with the fashion world and what’s in and how to make it your own can be exhausting, questionable i.e. the platform croc. Not my thing but hey…fashion is & always should be fun so go crazy and…

Current Earring(s) Situation

Deciding to get a piercing can be a fun way to spruce up your style and try something new. Most of us have our earlobes pierces at a young age but as we get older we may want to try different types of piercings on our ears to make a…