3 Ingredient Cookies

I’m going to confess upfront that I totally stole this recipe from the owner of shopRiffRaff.com (one of my favorite shops, literally THE cutest clothes & accessories & not to mention the best graphic tees & sweatshirts) Kirsten. She shared it on her Instagram & since then literally soooooooo many people have shared that they’ve tried it & loved it! I was a little skeptical at first because it’s legit only 3 ingredients. I love to cook & bake & usually make everything from scratch so I just immediately thought it had to be too good to be true that these cookies were that good if they were so simple to make. One night I was scrolling on IG and watched Kirsten’s story and saw her re-sharing followers that had made her recipe I was like that’s it I’m trying it. Even when I was buying the ingredients I was like there’s no way I’m going to love these the way everyone else does. Not that I don’t trust Kirsten because she has the best taste in everything but there’s just no way it doesn’t make sense. I stand here today eating my own words (and cookies), these freaking cookies y’all are insanely amazing!!!

Drum roll for the 1, 2, 3 ingredients:

  • 1 box of spiced cake mixonly use the bag of mix, don’t add the water, egg, or oil, just the mix
  • 1 can of pumpkin pure
  • 1 bag of your choice of sweet treat. I used crushed Heath bar pieces but chocolate chips, butterscotch or anything you want can be used

Preheat your oven to 375. Mix together ingredients, spoon on to baking sheet (I used my Pampered Chef baking stone) & bake for 12 minutes. I let mine bake for a few minutes longer than what was recommended. I was I wasn’t sure if I made mine a little bigger than Kirsten did, mine seemed a little too soft and since this was my first time making them I just wasn’t sure. The longest I let a batch go was 15 minutes. Even adding on the few extra minutes the cookies were still softer than your average cookie but once they cooled they were perfect! Light, fluffy & taste like the holidays!

These would be perfect to make for a holiday potluck, to give as a sweet gift to teachers or co-workers or heck just make them for yourself!

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