Gadgets I’m Obsessed With

Okay so I’ve never been one for tech things but this past year I’ve fallen in love with a few gadgets that I had to share. I’m sure I’m totally behind on all of these but they’re new to me! Oh and I just got an Amazon Prime account….omg y’all how have a I survived this long without one??? It’s so good but sooooo dangerous! Before I get too excited about all my gadgets though, I must tell you about a product review site that my friend recommended to me. On you can read about what people are saying about all your favourite electronics, kitchen appliances, and even travel accessories before you commit to making a purchase! So cool, right? But now, on to the gadgets…

First being the Amazon Alexa. I was super confused why people loved this product but once I become the proud owner of one I quickly fell in love. I keep my Alexa in the kitchen and she comes in super handy not only being a quick command away from instant music but also being able to set a timer and being capable of answer how many ounces are in a cup….things I totally take for granted when I’m in the kitchen. You can even have Alexa make our grocery list for you and send them to the app on your phone….hello god send. I’m forever making a grocery list and forgetting it at home. Yes I know I can always just use my note app on my phone but it’s way more convenient when I’m cooking and I run out of milk or I’m running out the door and I can just tell Alexa to put someone on my list and she does the work for me. Alexa is Google built in and I love her and don’t know how I ever lived without her. If you have one then get how amazing she is!

My gold cactus I found at TJMAXX but I found a few super similar cacti (linked below) / cheese board was a gift but I found similar an affordable boards (linked below) / candle holder & candle are both B&BW. It wouldn’t let me link for some odd reason / beach print was also a gift and I believe is a local artist

Second gadget obsession is the HP Sprocket. It’s literally the cutest little device that prints mini pictures directly from your phone. You can link it to your Instagram, Facebook and several other apps on your phone. The sprocket comes in tons of different colors so you can find one in your favorite color or find one to match your office. I have the gold one and I love it!! I feel like the world used to be uber obsessed with taking pictures and while we still are completely obsessed (maybe even more obsessed with photos) we only seem to keep them stored on our phones and share them on social media. I like being able to print out little minis to put on my dry erase calendar in my office, on my computer screen so I can stare at Addison (my golden retriever who is my world) even though she’s usually right under my chair or by my side.

My third an final current favorite gadget is the JBL clip bluetooth speaker. I’ve owned bluetooth speakers in the past but none of them have been like great quality, they’ve been more for looks and how cheap they are so I don’t feel bad when I break it taking it to the beach or leaving it at a friends house or whatever. The JBL clip might be small but it seriously sounds like a big bluetooth. I haven’t turned it max volume yet but I don’t know if there’s ever a time I’ll need to, it can blast some serious tunes y’all. I love that it’s portable, it’s waterproof which is the current main reason I love it so much. I used to have my phone turned all the way up while I took a shower but now I can hang this bad boy in the shower with me since it’s waterproof or leave it laying on the bathroom counter and not have to worry about moister getting to it. When warmer weather rolls around it will be amazing to take to the beach. The battery on it lasts like 8 hours or so before it needs to be recharged; it charges using a usb which is super convenient because I can plug it into my desktop, laptop, phone charge or even my car if I need to charge it. I hate when electronics have different charging plugs. The JBL clip comes in a variety of colors, I opted for the teal which I absolutely love! If you’re after home theatre or premium tower speakers, JBL makes an appearance on the list of best floor standing speakers; see full list here. If the JBL speaker isn’t what you’re looking for, you can find the meilleure enceinte Bluetooth 2020 for some alternatives. After all, there’s plenty of Bluetooth speakers on the market to choose from! With the world modernizing, the speaker models are getting evermore creative.

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  1. 2.12.18
    Jessica said:

    We LOVE our Alexa! She is so critical to our life. We use her for timers, music, shopping lists etc. The best!
    xo Jessica

    • 2.12.18
      styleiseverythingblog said:

      I’m glad to hear someone else is equally as obsessed with her as I am! I seriously don’t know how I lived without her for so long! ha


  2. 2.12.18

    Great selection. I am currently on the market for a new bluetooth speaker so I definitely need to check this one out. Thanks for sharing.

    • 2.12.18
      styleiseverythingblog said:

      Definitely check out the JBL line they’re super affordable and you can’t beat anything that’s waterproof!


  3. 2.12.18
    Stephanie said:

    I don’t have an Alexa, but I have a Google Home and I love it! It’s such fun to have a device that can play your music, control your tv, etc. whenever you ask it to do you a favor!

    • 2.12.18
      styleiseverythingblog said:

      I need to check to see if Alexa can control my tv!

  4. 2.12.18
    Ruthie Ridley said:

    I think I am the only one of my friends without an Alexa!! I need one!!

  5. 2.12.18

    We don’t have an alexa just yet but I’ve heard so many people rave about it! It would definitely come in handy when I need to make a grocery list on the fly.

  6. 2.12.18

    I have an Alexa too and it’s so great! I’m trying to use it more and more it seems like I’ll never use all of the features!

    • 2.13.18
      styleiseverythingblog said:

      Right! There are so many of them!

  7. 2.12.18
    Nelli said:

    I recently got the google mini and love it, makes my life so much easier and more fun! Lol. I haven’t tried the alexa though… Xo, Nelli

  8. 2.13.18

    I think I am the only one who doesn’t have an Alexa or Google home. Enjoyed your post.


  9. 2.14.18
    Nicole said:

    That bluetooth speaker is FANTASTIC! We’ve been looking for one for our bathroom and this one is perfect!

  10. 2.18.18
    Kristina said:

    I have never heard of the sprocket- such a cool device!! Iā€™m such a nerd for gadgets!

  11. 2.19.18

    These are great gadgets and I am like you and love the Amazon Alexa I need to try the printer šŸ™‚