The best of Target’s shoes

spring/summer shoe picks from target

Y’all I want to apologize now to your wallet this post…it involves Target and shoes, literally double trouble for a women.  Why does Target have to have so many amazing things all the time? It’s a miracle if I walk out of there without buying at least one thing I absolutely have no need for even if it’s out of the dollar bin. I’ve been trying so hard not to shop just kind of as a little test to myself, I really have zero self control.  When I see something I like I immediately start visualizing how I’d wear it and then before I know it I’m at home justifying why I had to have it…you know just to make myself feel better when I look at my bank account.  I feel like the harder I try not to shop I actually shop more.  When I find a good dupe of something I feel like it’s a way the universe is telling me Taylor you totally need to buy it I mean it’s like half the price of what you would have spent…

Sound familiar to y’all?! I was in Target a few weeks ago to just grab dog food and then it started to monsoon, staying in and browsing around was my only option 😉 I found these adorable blush espadrille sneakers that I actually had almost bought on the Soludos site when I was buying a pair of sandals. They literally look almost identical but for less than half the price.  I wanted to share with y’all how many amazing look alikes Target has to offer right now! Oh and right now there’s 25% off all shoes with the cartwheel app so it would basically be wrong if you didn’t buy anything, right?

Y’all I had to cut this post shorts because there are just too many great picks so I just hit the high points and showed y’all my favorites.  Don’t worry if you don’t see some of these styles in your Target, they have an even bigger selection online so don’t forget to check there too!

Here’s the break down


  • Gucci dupes. enough said.
  • I love these espadrilles slides
  • this multi color pair give me the best kind of boho vibe
  • y’all raved about my tan mules I wore them in NYC so I’m so happy I found them at Target!
  • holy cow…literally these cow hide mules.  There are no words.
  • I have 2 pairs of d’Orsay flats  that I love & wanted more colors, Target has them in neutrals & metallic



  • I own 2 pairs of Hunters and I love them but y’all these are such good dupes and they come in so many colors just like the real Hunters!


  • I love Birkenstocks so much, they’re the UGG of the sandal world, not the cutest but so damn comfy.  How fun are these metallic look alikes?
  • I love that pom poms are still everywhere this spring & summer.  These slip on sandals & these gladiators are so perfect! (I have a fun DIY to make your own HERE)
  • these are rainbow so who can’t smile when they look at them 🙂
  • these are total Valentino dupes I love the metal details


block heels

  • these are like wearing sunshine on your feet

these are the perfect dupes of my Steve Madden heels and they come in this adorable powder blue color

Did I mention that all but cow hides are under $50?! Happy shopping!!

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