Quilted jacket & wool hat

So I’m doing a few things a little different, can you spot what they are?


Give up? or did you spot the differences?  I totally feel like I just sounded like a teacher giving her class a quiz on a Where’s Waldo book or a Psychologist giving an IQ test, can you tell me the difference in these two photos?

If you guessed red lipstick & a bow then you’re right! Ok, so I’ve been trying to venture more into the lipstick world but it’s been hard…I’m such a simple girl. With the holidays coming up I wanted to have a little fun so I went drastic.  I’m honestly not so sure how I feel about it, it’s so RED! Ok the bow is kind of throwback to my youth.  I used to rock bows all the time and while I don’t think I’m going to start school girling it everyday, I kind of love the little detail especially for the holidays.  ok, game over!

Now to the real deal, this quilted jacket! Swoon.  I’m saying it’s a bomber but I’m not quite sure if it falls totally into that category because I have another jacket that was labeled a bomber and is a little more cropped.  Either way, I love.  I’m usually not a big fan of collars like this, that ever seem to flatter me at least not button downs but this jacket is totally working for me.  Quilted anything typically gets my attention but make it in the perfect shade of olive and I’m a happy camper! It’s super light weight so it’s perfect for transitioning into cooler weather and perfect for being able to layer underneath!

Something else new I’m trying out is this black hat.  Yes I always wear hats especially during fall & winter but I tend to pick neutral colors.  I wanted to branch out and get a little rebellious and try black! I asked Brian what he thought before I ordered it and he didn’t even hesitate and said no.  He told me to get it in brown.  Does anyone else ever ask someone else their opinion but then totally not listen to it?  I do that all the time especially when I’m out shopping with my mom or friends, oh what do you think of this as I pick up a shirt, I usually get a response of, ummm no.  This response registers with me as, cool I’m getting it! I don’t know why but that’s how I operate. I’m so glad I branch out and glad I didn’t listen to Brian because when it arrived I fell in love.  It’s exactly what I wanted in a hat, structured but slightly oversized.  I love the leather strap detail around the brim, it gives it that extra western flare. I love how a simple look like this can be completely transformed by just adding a hat. A scarf would obviously look amazing with this solid cream sweater but I didn’t want to over do it, I mean I’m sporting red lips and a bow….like chill Tay.

Ok, before I say goodbye I have to tell y’all that the skinnies I’m wearing are from forever21.  I know, what the heck who would ever think that they would have jeans that fit amazing.  I implusily grabbed them because they were under $10.  My jaw dropped when they fit perfectly and were so comfortable.  I’m sure they all fit different as with most brands but I just thought I would put a little birdie in your ear that maybe you should try them out.

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cream sweater / quilted  jacket / forever21 skinnies but also try these for those of you who are like no way to forever21 pants (I was the same way) these AG skinnies are AMAZING! / TB riding boots / SIEBoutique tote 

Brooklyn Hat Company rancher hat / MAC Liptensity Lipstick in Mulling Spices



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  1. 11.5.16

    I must invest in a hat like that this fall! I always love how it looks on others but for some reason still haven’t picked one up!

  2. 11.9.16
    Christina Beauchamp said:

    I LOVE these classic fall and winter staples! A quilted jacket is absolutely timeless – and you look fabulous in that hat!


    Christina | Fashion & Frills