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I got a ton of question about these fringe jeans I wore when I was in NYC and y’all mine are from forever21! I know, when I found them my jaw dropped, I don’t think I’ve ever online shopped so quick in my life.  I was so afraid they were going to sell out and I’m glad I didn’t want because 2 days later they were gone.  Prior to finding them which I have to give full credit to Amanda for telling me about them, she found a similar pair that was also at forever21 but had a little less fringe, those too sold out asap.  The only pairs I had been able to find were all over $200.  I loved them but didn’t want to spend that much so when I found them for under $50, I jumped.

Mine are still sold out but I did find some very similar pairs that I wanted to let y’all know about before they sell out!

ASOS: $50



Pistola Tallis at Bloomingdale’s: $98



MSMG at Forward: $157


A short but sweet read I just had to let y’all know I was still able to find these fun pants and be sure to check back with forever21 to see if they restock! I’m also really love the cut off hem look like THESE, it brings a whole new look to the skinny jean!

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  1. 10.10.16

    Still my favorite pair of jeans! I might need to head to ASOS now and buy them while they are still in stock. 😉

    Amanda ||